As you may already know, Trans Canada Trail - the not-for-profit organization - has two exceptional women leading the charge: President & CEO Deborah Apps, and Foundation Co-Chair Valerie Pringle. In the spirit of celebrating women who love, support and help to build Canada's national Trail, this issue of Trail Talk shines the spotlight on women who are making strides - in some cases quite literally - for (or on) The Great Trail. 
Meet Sarah, Nicole, Wilma, Dianne and Norma.

"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."
- Unknown


Solo female adventurer Sarah Jackson talks safety on the Trail

In a few months and several thousand more kilometres, Sarah Jackson may be the first woman to travel The Great Trail from coast to coast. One of the questions that she is asked repeatedly is regarding her feeling "safe as a woman" alone on the Trail. Her answer may surprise you.
On a quest for more equestrian trails 

Nicole Gagné is a volunteer working towards a future when equestrians can go anywhere and everywhere on the Trail near her home in Quebec. On adore!
The second largest country in the world is on the verge of being connected via The Great Trail, an astounding achievement made possible in large part thanks to thousands of volunteers! December 5, 2016 is  International Volunteer Day
On behalf of Trans Canada Trail, THANK YOU to our many volunteers! 
Age no barrier to adventure

Just ask 81-year-old Wilma Spence, a longtime Trans Canada Trail donor who plans to try out sections of The Great Trail in every province and territory, beginning by bike in Prince Edward Island. 
A Filmmaker's Take on the Trail

Before beginning her journey on The Great Trail, award-winning filmmaker Dianne Whelan filmed documentaries in the Canadian Arctic and Mount Everest's base camp. Find out what she has learned on her adventure so far. 
A Great Canadian Donor: Norma Croxon

Norma has been supporting TCT since 1992.
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