Plastic Easter Eggs, like church newsletters, need to be opened.  You can shake that plastic egg all day.  You can listen to the sound and imagine the contents.  But until you open the egg you'll never know the surprises that await.  So go ahead and open this month's New Song News.  We've got everything from mission projects to an Easter Egg Hunt; everything from somber communion on Thursday night, to the brilliance of celebrating Easter morning.  So what are you waiting for?  Click "open."  Let's make this week holy!     

Priming the Pump

. . . when strength becomes a weakness . . .


Nearly half of the world's structures are made of concrete, much of which has not been properly maintained. 


Oddly enough, it is that which provides the strength of concrete that also causes its vulnerability.  You see, construction workers reinforce the concrete with steel rods...that are prone to rusting when encased in concrete.  When the steel rods rust, the concrete is weakened. 


As the weakened concrete expands and contracts with the weather, small cracks are created that allow water to seep into the concrete.  When this water freezes, even deeper cracks develop...allowing water to speed the rate at which the steel rods rust.  The bottom line?  The concrete structure's strength becomes its weakness. 


This causes me ponder...can the source of our strength (our faith), also at times become a weakness.  Maybe the old Methodist preacher was right, maybe some folks are "so heavenly minded that they're no earthly good." 


If our belief in Jesus becomes so focused that we think God hates non-Christians, we've allowed our strength to become a weakness.  If we become so engrossed in prayer that we have no time to feed the hungry, we've allowed our strength to become a weakness.  If we become so enthralled in Bible study that we ignore the oppression of the poor, we've allowed our strength to become a weakness.


May we never become so heavenly minded, that we're of no earthly good.


No water today...just priming the pump...



Holy Week Worship
For more info about Worship at New Song, contact Rex Loy, or 636-751-4024.

Saturday, March 28, 5:30pm

Parade of Palms Celebration

"Praise for Spiritual Awareness"

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds cheered his arrival by shouting hosannas and by waving palm branches.  Surely their lives were not perfect, but they still praised God.  We'll consider our call to give God praises, even when life is difficult. 

Thursday, April 2, 7:30pm

Maundy Thursday Communion

"Bread for Spiritual Awareness"

Jesus is often called the Bread of Life.  He was born in Bethlehem...which means "house of bread."  On this evening, we'll take a closer look at the last meal Jesus spent with his Disciples, and focus upon the brokenness of his presence.

Sunday, April 5, Easter Morning Worship, 9:00am

"Believe It!"

The friends and family of Jesus had difficulty believing that Jesus had actually risen from the grave.  They realized how difficult it would be to share a story of such magnitude.  We'll look at the Easter event and discuss our need to believe.


Bring Friends and Family to New Song


Lots of people who don't regularly attend church are making Easter plans right now.  They're hoping to find a place where they'll feel welcome, a place where they'll be comfortable and not made to feel guilty. You'll be doing them a favor by inviting them to our Holy Week events.  It's really simple! If someone mentions a new Easter outfit, invite them to New Song. If someone mentions an Easter buffet, invite them to New Song. Repeat after me, "Join me at New Song!  You'll love it!"

Reaching Out to the Community
For more info about our Missions Ministry, contact Jenny Bosworth,

Friday, March 27

Center for Autism Education 

Trivia Night

A group of New Song volunteers are going to help out tonight at Trivia Night to benefit the Center for Autism Education.  Money raised at the event goes to supplement programs for the Center's preschool, the school, and the adult day services. For more information about The Center for Autism Education, contact Laura Roy at , or go to
Saturday, March 28, 8:30 - Noon

Holy Cross Work Day

Grab your work gloves and come help spruce up the grounds at Holy Cross.  There is a lot to do!  Everyone is welcome to help!

Let's Make Sandwiches!

Saturday, April 18, 6:30pm 

Brown Bags for Gateway180

Our next sandwich-making event to help feed families dealing with homelessness will occur on April 18 immediately after worship.  A signup sheet for supplies will go around in the next few weeks, but feel free to sign up early by emailing Jenny Bosworth at or calling/texting her at 314-494-4254.  We will do this event again on May 16, with the possibility of making a monthly commitment to Gateway180 to provide brown bag lunches.

Save the Date!

Saturday, May 30, 8 - Noon

Food Outreach Cook and Pack

We need 15-20 volunteers to gather at Food Outreach on May 30 from 8am-12pm for a fun morning of prepping and packaging made-from-scratch meals to help nourish people living with cancer and HIV. Older teens and adults can help-no special culinary skills are required!  So invite your friends and family to join us.


You'll need to be prepared to rock a hairnet, though...which can be quite stylish, as Sally and Jenny have proven!

Mission Review

March 21 was a big day for New Song Church-check out the mosaic flower pots we helped the kids at Gateway180 make for their annual spring gala! These will be planted with violets and used as centerpieces which will be available for purchase at the gala.  

Then, after worship, we gathered to assemble 75 brown bag lunches for Gateway180, and hit up Fortel's Pizza Den to enjoy dinner together.  It was a day filled with the kinds of activities we at New Song are all about--fun, fellowship, friends...and food!  Do you have ideas for mission events you'd like to see offered at New Song Church? If so, please contact mission coordinator Jenny Bosworth at 314-494-4254 or



Nurturing Children & Youth
For more info about our Children's Ministry, contact Pam Jennings,
Palm Parade March 28

Children of all ages are invited to participate in New Song's Palm Parade commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.  The procession will take place at the beginning of worship on Saturday, March 28.  Children should gather at 5:20 in the foyer to get a palm branch and instructions. After the procession and Children's Sermon, children may join their family in worship or go to child care.  Babes in arms also welcome! 

Annual New Song  Easter Egg Hunt

Young children are invited to an Easter Egg Hunt after worship on March 28th!  We'll gather for the hunt immediately after worship in the lower level foyer. Weather permitting, the hunt will be outside.  Bring baskets and cameras for this fun event for the whole church family.


SuperSaturday is April 11, 6:30-8:30

Mustard Seeds? What are those?  The SuperKids will hear the Parable of the Mustard Seed at the April SuperSaturday. Parents, you can find that short Parable in Matthew 13:31-32.


The younger children, SuperSongbirds, will also have a lesson from Matthew 19:13-14 where Jesus blesses children.  We will explore the relationship between Jesus and children and learn how important children are to Jesus, a faith community and to family and friends.

Both groups will also enjoy activities and outside games-and of course, a yummy dinner served by church volunteers!

Bring a friend and share the fun!


Mark your calendars for the next SuperSaturday on May 2.


Take a look at what our children were designing, building and creating during the month of March:


Building Relationships
For info about our social events at New Song, contact Twila Loy,
New Song Family Dinner
April 18
Please plan to come at 5:30 for worship, help with our sandwich-making mission, and then gather at The Wolf, at Clayton and Kehr's Mill, for a meal together.
Girl's Night Out 
April 24
Ice and sleet prevented us from going to Mission Taco and Bailey's Chocolate Bar in February, so let's try again and hope for warm enough weather to sit outside!  Girl's Night Out will be April 24th.  Details coming soon.

Our New Song Family
  • To Max Boyd upon receiving his Missouri drivers license.
  • To Morgan Hurst for participating in the polar plunge to raise funds for Special Olympics.
  • To Kate Boyd whose soccer team took second place in a soccer tournament in Memphis.  
  • To Rachel See and Carl Walz upon their recent engagement. 

  • New Song is fortunate to have lots of folks who say "yes" rather than "no".  Thanks to the following "yes" folks who led worship during Rex's vacation on March14th: Tom Boyd, Sally Boyd, Chris Bosworth, Jenny Bosworth, Michael Jennings, Pam Jennings, Denise Stookesberry, and Atis Vavere.
  • What a Pi celebration we had after worship on March 14th!  The bakers in our congregation didn't disappoint, the pies were varied and delicious! Thanks to all those who brought pies and to Michael Jennings and Atis Vavere for hosting.
  • Thanks to Morgan Hurst for assisting in our nursery whenever needed.
  • Thanks to Amanda Holguin and Brona Sarchett who helped teach SuperSaturday in March.
  • The Easter Bunny had helpers on March 7 as SuperSaturday kids brought Easter Eggs and filled them for the Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks SuperSaturday kids!


We Pray

Dear God,


We ask for the continued health and healing of:  Mickey Pierce, Mike Pierce, Steve Jenka, Edna Stookesberry, Dave Thomason, Linda Brother, and Angie Hobgood Montague. 


We ask your continued presence be with Sarah Walker, as she transitions into her new home in Desoto. 


We ask divine guidance be with Denise Stookesberry as she begins a music ministry in Estes Park, Colorado.


Please comfort those who continue to grieve the loss of friends and family members.  May your holy spirit combine with the memory of their loved ones to provide comfort, strength, and assurance.  Amen.

The pies were delicious and we caught some of our guys taking pi very seriously!

Don't the pies look great?  We have yummy pie makers at New Song!

And here's some happy pie eaters and one who just wanted a strawberry !

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