Show, Not Sell Your Listings

All you have to do is SHOW a house, not SELL them.

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This room was outdated and taste specific.


By replacing the furniture with items from the attached den, removing the outdated window treatments, rug, we updated this room using the client's existing items.

Isn't that what you really want? Show homes Not Sell them. Now more than ever, successful staging changes the focus for You from selling the home to simply showing the home.

Staging a home is more about presentation than ever before. As soon as a potential buyer steps inside, they begin to notice the details large and small that make the house a home. Successful staging creates an environment where selling isn't needed; simply showing the home works. Presentation should be focused on room functionality and truly showing off the space for how great it is.

Staging a home is less about the unnecessary items cluttering a room, and more about the general feel for the space and its function. Is the den set up as an exercise room? Is the bedroom set up just for storage? When viewers can see the functionality and purpose of each room and what it is meant for, seeing the overall picture of the home becomes much easier.
Buyers are becoming extra-savvy, and with that they expect a lot when looking at a potential home. Staging simplifies the process for both Realtor and buyer. Realtors can solely focus on the needs of the buyer and the options the home provides, and worry less about the need to "sell" the home as soon as possible.

Staging should be focused on creating a truly great look, not on bumping up the final value of the home or showing unrealistic, flashy pieces throughout it. Do the decorations flow well together to create a cohesive look throughout the home? Are some pieces unnecessary and not needed?

When realtors realize the need for staging a home to make the selling process easier for them, they can begin to focus simply on showing the home.


Magic will happen with all of your listings after staging - new professionally taken photos must be taken and all you need is to Open the door and Show it! Buyers will see everything - there won't be a need for you to explain for example " This could be a great office space" or "You can imagine how we can place the TV on that wall". I assure you that Buyers buy because of the emotional connection that was created via staging. Staging is simply great Marketing Presentation that works all the time!

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