Let your hosts know that September has a host bonus that will give them strength and beauty.  
September hosts can experience the strength of L'BRI with our Skin, Hair & Nails Nutritional Support. And, they get to choose from two powerful formulas that will help them fight the effects of aging from the outside.
When your hosts hold a qualified Show in September, they'll be rewarded with FREE products that will have them falling in love with the way L'BRI makes them feel!
The flyer below will be sent to your customers this afternoon.  

Show how-tos and helpful tools

Whether it's a small Show with a few orders or a grand gathering with door prizes and snacks, take a few minutes to refresh yourself on Show basics so you can help your host indulge in plenty of host rewards.

You will find plenty of resources available in the updated Business Center and Learning Center to guide you and help you share the benefits of hosting a Show. Please note: You will need to log in first before using these links.

Business Center
Learning Center
Let everybody know that there's a lot to love about hosting a L'BRI Show! 
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