Show Some Appreciation!
How Do You Say "Thanks"?
Valentine's Day may be behind us, but showing your appreciation for clients and vendors is always in season. The Solutionistas have some out-of-the-box ideas for you to show your customers and vendors that you care.

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14 Out-of-the-Box
Client Appreciation Ideas
Tired of writing thank you notes? Here are 14 ways to surprise and delight your clients.

Your Vendors Help You
Look Great.
It's Time to Pay It Forward.
Your vendors are an incredibly important part of your team. But many business owners don’t think of their vendors when it comes time to share your gratitude.

From Our Brag Book: I-94 West Chamber of Commerce
The Origin Smart Marketing Solutionistas is proud to be a strategic partner of the I-94 West Chamber of Commerce.

As a thank you for the opportunity to develop such a close relationship with the chamber, the Solutionistas provided the organization with updated letterhead.

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