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This really is happening! Your generosity has brought us so close to opening Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) and being able to initiate Mundi's Move. Will you help us complete the Build the Barn campaign by Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22, 2018?
We can't adequately express our appreciation to our dear family of supporters for opening your hearts to the possibilities of what's to come for ERNA's future residents. Every donation, every friend you tell about Mundi and ERNA, every time you speak out in support of elephants COUNTS!
When you donate to share your appreciation of elephants, please tell the world and use the hashtag #ElephantAppreciationDay. 
Elephant Fence Complete | Barn Phase 2 Begins

The last post of the elephant fence is in and tied down.

Drumroll please... The elephant fence is complete. Our hard-working crew installed the final fence post and the remainder of the tie down clamps this week. That's 29,500 feet of beautiful fencing that will keep ERNA's residents safe and happy for decades to come.  
Building custom pipe corrals for the elephant stalls

More fantastic developments at ERNA... Phase 2 of the elephant barn construction is underway. The Ironwood Construction crew is busy building the custom pipe corrals that will make up the three elephant stalls. We're not kidding ourselves that this construction phase is going to be easy. Phase 2 includes reinforced concrete walls, elephant-sized steel doors, filtration systems, estuary sand filled stalls, gates, infrared heat and automated waterers. But it will be done before we know it, and we're thrilled!
It's hard to believe that we are at this milestone less than two years since taking possession of the property in December 2016. So much has been accomplished - the perimeter fence, the elephant fence, dams repaired, habitat sculpted and so much more. We can't thank our volunteers enough for the thousands of hours spent clearing debris and helping us prepare and cultivate this gorgeous 850-acre property.
We put together a short video that shows the progress of ERNA development. Take a look! You'll get the details on Phase 2 of the barn from EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley too.
Welcome Suzanne Carr - EAI's New Office Manager

Suzanne Carr - EAI_s new office manager

Please help us give a warm welcome to EAI's new full-time office manager, Suzanne Carr. Suzanne has a dedicated and distinguished 20-year career in animal welfare and served as the director of an animal shelter in South Carolina. She brings a valuable skill set that fits perfectly as we prepare ERNA for residents. Suzanne and Carol worked together in the early 2000s as Carol's first elephant sanctuary was expanding. It is exciting to have Suzanne with us as we create the next generation of elephant sanctuaries. We know that her skills, knowledge and love of elephants will benefit EAI greatly.
Mundi's Journey

The Tallahassee Democrat recently talked to EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley about Mundi's move and the complexities of transporting her to Attapulgus, GA. The Democrat also reached out to the zoo in Puerto Rico and reports that Mundi is doing well both physical and mentally as she awaits her journey into retirement at ERNA. Read the article to find out more.
Want to support Mundi's Move? You can DONATE HERE.
When Elephants Come to Attapulgus

WCTV talked with Carol Buckley about ERNA and how the residents of Attapulgus feel about the new elephant refuge. "Everybody is a cheerleader for it. They're excited about it. They think it'll work," Carol shared. While ERNA's elephants won't be seen by their neighbors, they may be able to hear the occasional trumpet according to EAI Advisory Council member Otto Fad who also gave some insight to how the elephants will benefit from living at ERNA.
Tarra's Treasure Trunk Has Great Items for Elephant Lovers

Celadon elephant mugs make a great gift 
Know someone who loves elephants? Show your appreciation with the gift of a very special, limited edition, Celadon elephant mug.
Handmade in the mountains of Northern Thailand, these beautiful mugs feature an elephant that forms the handle . Your favorite elephant lover will be reminded of your thoughtfulness with every sip. Every purchase helps fund the development of ERNA. Show your support by purchasing an item from our gift shop today!

Successful Barn Warming Trunk Show and Auction

Friends of Georgia Elephants hold a successful trunk show

The Barn Warming Trunk Show on August 3, 2018, hosted by the Friends of Georgia Elephants to raise funds toward completion of the elephant barn was a huge success - in fact, you could call it a real barn burner! (Sorry couldn't resist.) Special thanks to Anne Draper, Holle Boykin, Era Singer, Doell West, Terry Hawkins and Debbie Higdon for all your work on the event and to the Draper's for opening their home to our community.
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants in the U.S. and around the world possible.
Thank you!
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