“In a time when everything seems to be online and digital, where a beautiful image is something you just scroll past in an Instagram feed, the Florida Ranches Calendar is a classic, printed wall calendar that people can enjoy all year round,” said Stacy Ranieri, president and Chief Illuminator of the Firefly Group and publisher of the Florida Ranches Calendar .
Sponsor the 2020 Florida Ranches Calendar to be part of our efforts to spread awareness of the critical role cattle ranches play in the conservation of Florida’s precious natural resources and cultural heritage.
Stunning monthly photographs coupled with informative captions for each image, offer a glimpse into the diversity of Florida’s working ranches and insights into their commendable conservation efforts.
Though the calendar has evolved over the years, one thing hasn’t changed: our enthusiasm for sharing the story of Florida’s cattle ranches. As Florida’s population continues to grow, it is critical we create linkages between our coastal areas and the heartlands, between urban and rural communities. The pages of the Florida Ranches Calendar offer people everywhere a beautiful perspective and appreciation for Florida’s oldest environmental stewards.

To sponsor the calendar or for more info go to www.floridaranchescalendar.com,
contact Megan Morris at megan@fireflyforyou.com
or call 772-287-5272.