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October 2019

October 11th is National Coming Out Day! Celebrate the LGBTQ individuals in your life. 

On this day in 1987, half a million people participated in the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. NCOD was created the following year by Robert Eichberg and Jean O’Leary in celebration of the second gay march held in D.C. On the first celebration of this holiday, eighteen states participated, but once it was picked up by the media and shared with the world, all 50 states in the U.S. began celebrating it. Today, it is celebrated the world over.

NCDO can be celebrated in a many ways. Members of the LGBT community can choose this day to come out to their parents, family or friends, or can use this day to celebrate gay pride. Straight friends and family can celebrate this day by allying with their gay friends or family members and help promote the causes of the LGBT community.

Each year on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day continues to promote a safe world for LGBTQ individuals to live truthfully and openly.
International Pronouns Day is on October 16 
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  • AFCI will be attending the Texas Counseling Association conference in Fort Worth to share the free resources of AFCI that work to reduce rejection of LGBTQ by educating families, counselors, and educators November 13-16.
  • AFCI is preparing to attend PIP (Partners in Prevention) Conference in Austin, TX November 5-7 #PIPCON2019
  • The Gender Infinity Conference is scheduled for October 25-26 at the University of Houston Clearlake. Attendees are able to choose from over 50 workshops that focus on addressing the latest in gender affirming care and support.
  • As a result of the Kellett Grant, AFCI has been able to complete a lot of ground work reviewing the content and format of the AFCI web page and the website has been streamlined to make navigating easier, We we welcome all feedback to enhance the relevance and usefulness of the site for everyone.
When people come out, they want to be received for who they are with respect and acceptance.

Throughout the process of coming out and living ever more openly, you should always be in the driver’s seat about how, where, when and with whom you choose to be open. The experience of coming out and living openly covers the full spectrum of human emotion – from fear to euphoria. Whether coming out to friends, family, coworkers or healthcare providers, your approach and timing will be as unique as your own sense of identity. 
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