The cyber-world is full of threats such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, Worms and etc. These can affect your PC and even steal your personal information. These cyber-threats can cause huge dilemmas to your PC. Always have an anti-virus guard installed. Upgrade the program and schedule regular updates. Your software’s database should be updated for a full-protection.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed over 200,000 hacked passwords, and found that by far the most popular password was “123456,” followed closely by “password” and “12345678.” What’s worse, is that most people use the exact same password for every web page they visit. What is this telling us? Apparently, many internet users still have not heeded years of tips and warnings about password security.

So, as a refresher and an update on tools you can use to generate and remember strong passwords, here are a few tips.