Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Join Me TODAY Wednesday, July 5th from 6-8pm!

Just about 4 weeks until the Primary Election, contacting voters on the phone is a great opportunity to check in and let them know their votes is important in deciding the next Mayor for the City of Warren.

Will you help me?


APIA Vote Candidate Forum

Featuring Mayoral Candidates

Thursday, July 6th

from 6-8pm

@ Halmich Park Pavilion South

Come show your support!

Wear Purple!

Walk with Me!

Friday, July 7th

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 9th

Monday, July 10th

Tuesday, July 11th

Friend-to-Friend Postcards

THANK YOU to everyone who hosted a postcard party!

THANK YOU to all who help write postcards!

With your help, over 2,000 more voters recieved a personal request from volunteers to Elect Lori Stone Mayor!

Not too Late to

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