Good luck to all of our student-athletes and coaches
competing in state playoffs and tournaments!

#PacktheDome on Friday, November 8, as your CFHS Football team kicks-off against Bettendorf High School at 7 p.m. All tickets are $8. Cash or check only. Booster Parking passes will be accepted. Activity passes are not valid for play-off games.
Listen live at Cruisin' KCFI 1250 & 105.1 .

Swimming and Diving
Watch this weekend's 2019 State Swimming & Diving Meet LIVE online.
The Iowa All-State Festival will be on November 23, at
Hilton Coliseum in Ames at 7:30 p.m. To buy tickets, visit this link. 
All State Choir
Katherine Lawson - Soprano
Kellen Chenoweth - Soprano
Ryen Ludeman - Soprano
Madison Vetter - Soprano
Annie Brown - Soprano
Koro Castillo - Soprano
Haley Jaeger - Alto
Ella Stineman - Alto
Shelby Conditt - Alto
Kallista Mohl - Alto
Lydia Ochoa - Alto
Julia Grey - Alto
Erin McRae - Alto
Ahmad Madlock - Tenor
Ian Lewis -Tenor
Owen Ausborn - Tenor
DaQuevion Burke - Tenor
Gus Ferguson - Tenor
Nathan Smith - Tenor
Lyle Conditt - Bass
Sam Lubs - Bass
Ben Schockley - Bass
Dalton Blackford - Bass
Ryan Marten - Bass
Elias Smith - Bass
All State Orchestra 
Klaertje Hesselink - Violin
Mindy Li - Violin
Julia Magee - Violin
Jacob Olthoff - Violin
Bhoomika Shettigar - Violin
Emma Sliwinski - Violin
Mallory Welsch - Viola
Jenna Atkins - Alternate Violin
Anastasia Davidson - Alternate Viola

All State Band 
Abby Townsend - Flute
Holly Hays - Flute
Lauren Wilson -Flute
Preston Atkins - Bassoon
David Butler - Bass Clarinet
Emma Fuchtman - Clarinet
Antoine Cuhat - Clarinet
Megan Smith - Clarinet
David Butler - Bass Clarinet
Jax Barry - Alto Saxophone
Ethan Gruening - Tenor Saxophone
Emma Cryer -Trumpet
Jace Barry - Trumpet
Grace Hertz - French Horn
Ethan Kober - French Horn
Liam Hendrickson - Trombone
Annika Strohm - Euphonium
Ben Campbell - Percussion
Sofia Munoza - Alternate Alto Saxophone
Dante Verastegui - Alternate Trumpet
Pascal Cuhat - Alternate Trumpet
Ben Meinders - Alternate Percussion
Adam Schroeder - Alternate Percussion
The Cedar Falls Community School District is excited to offer an opportunity for local businesses to partner with our elementary teachers during the month of December. Each elementary classroom will spend time during the month on computer science lessons and we plan to arrange a community volunteer for at least one hour in each classroom during that time. In order to meet this goal, we will need many businesses to help support this project and approximately 150 total volunteers. Please share this link with your co-workers who might be interested in volunteering:

The elementary classes will be using lessons from the materials available online. These lessons are also planned to coincide with the Hour of Code Week, December 9-15, 2019.

Teachers and schools that host Hour of Code events are encouraged to include community volunteers in the classroom during these activities. Our goal is to arrange a volunteer to join each classroom for a 1 hour lesson sometime during the month of December. The role of the volunteers will include working with students as they complete the online lessons and potentially providing a short explanation of experiences they have had in computer science. We hope to have all volunteers identified by November 18.

This event in December aligns with our district wide plan to provide Computer Science instruction for students at all levels. This plan includes offering computer science classes at the junior and senior high school levels, including an AP Computer Science Principles course. The Cedar Falls School District has received around a $65,000 in grants from the state over the past 2 years to support Professional Development and Computer Science endorsement opportunities for teachers. This funding will also in part support the implementation of our Hour of Code activities in December.

Please consider supporting our Cedar Falls Elementary Schools in Hour of Code lessons during the month of December. Your business can help us by allowing your employees to volunteer in the schools and by promoting this opportunity with your employees. Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks for considering this exciting opportunity,
Kenton Swartley
Community Partnerships/STEM Facilitator

Congrats to the 2019 All State players: Peyton Fix, Morgan Linck and Kayla Van Rite!
Morgan Linck was selected for the 2019 Elite Team.
The digital world is constantly evolving with new social media platforms, apps, and devices, and children and teens are often the first to use them. Some negative things that may occur include  cyberbullying , sexting, posting hateful messages or content, and participating in negative group conversations. If your child posts  harmful or negative content  online, it may not only harm other children; it can affect their online reputation, which can have negative implications for their employment or college admission.
While you may not be able to monitor all of your child’s activities, there are things you can do to  prevent cyberbullying  and protect your child from harmful digital behavior:
  • Monitor a teen’s social media sites, apps, and browsing history, if you have concerns that cyberbullying may be occurring.
  • Review or re-set your child’s phone location and privacy settings.
  • Follow or friend your teen on social media sites or have another trusted adult do so.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest apps, social media platforms, and digital slang used by children and teens.
  • Know your child’s user names and passwords for email and social media.
  • Establish rules about appropriate digital behavior, content, and apps.
Board of Education Meeting October 28, 2019

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