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Show Yourself Some LOVE
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetie, but before the chocolates are all gone and the flowers are wilted be sure to show yourself some love too.

What do you love to do?
What do you love to make?
What do you love to play?

Fundemonium has just what you need to put the twinkle in your eye, the spring in your step, and make your heart race.
Can You Crawl? Soon...
The bones of our two-level crawler course are going up. This is a mock-up of the plan. It will be over 58' long when complete.

Scenery, rocks, ramps, and bridges are next.

A new 1/10 RC track and professional Slot Car track are not far behind.
New Items at Fundemonium!
A new RC car and many fun toys arrived this week.
Micro RS4 Vaughn Gittin Jr. Mustang
This Micro RS4 is a scaled-down, 1/18th version of Vaughn's iconic 1969 Ford Mustang.

STEM Building Toy from Djeco
Zig & Go is a great way to introduce the concepts of physics through play. Think dominoes, marble runs, and Rube Goldberg all mixed together but even more fun!

Djeco Arts and Crafts
Djeco arts and crafts are high-quality kits from France meant to inspire creativity in young minds.

Choose Origami, Scratch Art, Stickers, Mosaics, and Collage.
Djeco Stacking Cubes
Teach kids the joys of counting and building with Stacking Blocks from Djeco.

The colorful boxes are crafted from strong cardboard with a laminate finish which will last for many play sessions. They can be rested inside each other to be stored quickly and easily.
Coming Soon - Snoopy and Red Baron
Atlantis Models is reissuing the famous Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel and The Red Baron.

I built these when I was a kid. Did you?
More Thinking Putty
We have new versions of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty in stock. Falling Water, Hot Head, Cryptic Code, and Super Oil Slick.

New Madd Capp Animal Puzzles
Unique, animal-shaped, 100-piece jigsaw puzzle for ages 5 and up. Poster-sized when completed. Puzzle pieces are oversized for easy handling.

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