Volume I   |   January/February 2015

Andrew Ortale Welcome to a new year and a new ShowBuzz. 2015 is well underway and the board of directors for the Washington D.C. Chapter of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events is already making a difference with the delivery of this...our first electronic newsletter.


So why the change?


One of a handful of efforts that is going to make 2015 a transformational year for the chapter: the move to an electronic newsletter will help the chapter accomplish several strategic goals. First and foremost is ensuring our financial solvency. While the chapter remains fiscally sound today, in years past it has often operated a yearly budget in the red in order to deliver the best experiences for our members. After some analysis of products, and thoughtful conversation, it was realized and agreed that one of the most significant ways to ensure continued fiscal responsibility without sacrificing the quality of our events was to move from a printed and mailed newsletter to an electronic piece.


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Is Your Associations Content Stale? 


There comes a point in every person's career in which they don't recertify. Reasons vary from not caring about the certification, to forgetting to renew it (same as not caring), to even career growth. But wait - why would somebody not want to recertify in favor of career growth? Aren't certifications supposed to promote career growth? How does this make sense?


Outside of the medical industries, most association's certification holders are right out of college and typically renew their certification 3 to 4 times over the next 10 to 12 years. The #1 reasons their employers have them get certified is to learn the ins and outs of their industry. During these 10-12 years, these certification holders form their own industry networks and partnerships, have a social life in the industry, etc. Sound familiar?


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DC Chapter Luncheon
January 10, 2015
See pictures from the DC Chapter Luncheon at Clydes of Gallery Place.

DC Chapter Luncheon
February 13, 2015
See pictures from the DC Chapter Luncheon at Clarendon Ballroom Arlington, Virginia.

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