“What did you do yesterday?”

B efore our first cup of coffee we helped our immediate neighbor with her goats, chickens and restocking a few birdfeeders. A few hours later Jim and I joined our other neighbor for some “chicken processing”. There is no euphemism for what took place Saturday other than to say that five duel-purpose hens were repurposed! We performed a little gallbladder retraction to keep from contaminating the chicken livers, however our contribution that day was minimal – that won't be the case next time!

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2018 Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest
Our "Photo Contest" Begins Today!

First Prize : Two Person, Two Night Stay, Off Season, Non-Holiday.

First Runner-Up : Two Person, One Night Stay, Off Season, Non-Holiday.

Second Runner-Up : Four Course Dinner for Two at Pond Mountain Inn.

This photo was taken by a colleague of a frequent guest in the Price Chopper parking lot in Windsor, Connecticut. The funnel cloud never touched down, but it was close! 
President Calvin Coolidge Homestead

Wednesday, July 4 President Calvin Coolidge Birthday Celebration
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM  
Selected as a “Top 10 Summer Event” by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce!

Commemorate the Nation’s birth, as well as the only U.S. president born on Independence Day. The day begins at 10:00 AM with a Naturalization Ceremony – the induction of 20 new U.S. citizens – Kay became an American citizen this time last year!
12:00 noon, the Vermont National Guard leads a march to the cemetery where a wreath from the White House is placed at the president’s gravesite. Afternoon activities include Stringfield Springers old-time string band, barbecue, birthday cake, historic craft demonstrations, and wagon rides. We'll see you there!!

Less than an hour from the inn... and the ride over is absolutely stunning!
Vermont Summer Festival
July 3 – August 12
Top equestrian riders from across the United States and Canada compete at northern New England’s largest “AA” rated hunter and jumper show.

We attended twice last year and it’s just a great way to spend 3-4 hours! Located at the Harold Beebe Farm, East Dorset – less than 30 minutes from the inn and it's a beautiful drive through the Mettowee Valley!
Lake Saint Catherine

Lake St. Catherine State Park is like no other “state park”... quiet, picturesque and the tranquility it offers has our guests returning year after year! The 117 acre park and 852 acre lake is perfect for short hikes through the “Big Trees” of Lake St. Catherine with breathtaking view of Birdseye Mountain.

Just minutes from the inn we often see eagles perched on branches overlooking the water, and once saw one swoop down to catch fish out of the water in full flight!! 
Dorset Theater Festival & Weston Playhouse

Cry It Out . .. (June 21 - July 14) is an emotional roller-coaster ride filled with laughs and tears that takes place in a Long Island neighborhood. We're looking forward to going Opening Night & Reception afterward.

Our Town ... (June 21 - July 7) is a fresh look at a Pulitzer Prize-winning classic about a small town with ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. A profound story of a community. (Weston Playhouse Main Stage)

Anne of Green Gables ... (June 13 - June 30) Anne, a red-headed orphan is sent to live with a farmer and his sister on Prince Edward Island. One problem, they thought they were adopting a boy! (Weston Playhouse Second Stage)

Visit their websites by clicking on the photos above.
Hike Haystack Mountain

It’s the “other” Haystack Mountain, not the ski resort! Once called the Gibraltar of the America, Haystack offers a challenging hike that culminates in one of the best panoramic views in Southern Vermont. Reaching the summit takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. We hiked the mountain last year!

The best part is that it’s ten minutes from the inn! We also have a detailed list of our favorite Day Hikes!! 
Dancing Ewe Farm

In our last newsletter we mentioned that we discovered this exciting new restaurant, but it’s more than just a restaurant – it's a farm-to-table dining experience! We’re going to find out how extraordinary next Saturday night together with eight of our friends.

Here’s what we’re having!

Farm-to-Table Dinner

Includes Dancing Ewe cheeses, salumi and market products
Shaped pasta served with Dancing Ewe’s ricotta and pancetta
Pollo in bianco con olive
Chicken in white wine sauce made with Dancing Ewe olive oil
Mousse di Ricotta con Fragole
Dancing Ewe ricotta mousse topped with fresh strawberries   

One of our guests asked Kay how she always creates such delicious new offerings…. It’s simple; Kay’s culinary secret is she just loves coming to work in the morning! We source the finest local ingredients from over twenty local farms that bring sophisticated flavors from simple ingredients to each dish.

Local Greens with Kay's Homemade Champagne Vinaigrette Salad Dressing □ Grilled Black Angus Steak (from our neighbor) □ Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade from our garden. 
Our Lodge Cast Iron Charcoal Grill has seen better days, but still performs beautifully – five minutes to setup and another 15 minutes to reach temperature! We added some hardwood and bark to the charcoal; nothing like our own Black Angus steaks on a charcoal grill – absolutely delicious! That’s the steak in the previous photo above! 
This arrangement was done by Hoa Campbell for the current art exhibition at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. A similar arrangement sits on our dining room table... See all the upcoming Exhibitions and Events by clicking on the photo.

Our garden has the same flowers, and are visible when dining with us at breakfast.... al fresco at Pond Mountain Inn.
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All our best,
Kay and Glenn  

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