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Showing Leadership   
I just saw the movie "Selma" over the weekend.

There were a lot of leaders in that movie. I loved watching the two main ones--Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson--tussling and negotiating with each other and finally paving the way to resolve huge and important issues.

It made me think about what it takes for a person to be a good leader, and I realized that it's wildly complicated. One thing that seems apparent, though, is that you don't have to be a President to be a leader. Most of us, I would wager, are leaders in some way every day within our communities whether it's at home, on the job, or in the neighborhood.

So "Leadership." That's the word for this month. I suspect you all have had to market your companies as a leader in one way or another. Whether it's sales leadership of your product or service or the thought leadership from the top down at your company, it's certainly an idea that's worth crowing about. 

 My photographers varied widely in their interpretations of that word. A light-hearted image, a scary one, the assertive yet friendly portrait, each one says "leadership." See what you think.

(c) Jon Love (based in Sydney, Australia)

(c)  Amos Chan  (based in New York City)

(c) Bill Gallery (based in New England)

(c) Robin Moyer  (based in Hong Kong)

(c) Neal Wilson (based in the UK)

(c) Ron Wu (based in Chicago)

To see all the above photos in a larger format, plus a few more, click here.

Back to the movie, "Selma," for a minute. The irony wasn't lost on me that one of the strongest visuals from that movie on Sunday night (the front row of the crowd marching with linked arms towards Selma) was exactly what appeared the next morning on the front page of the NYTimes as the crowd in France was marching with linked arms in solidarity against terrorism. A different set of leaders, of course, but the same solemn attitudes. Oddly, neither US President made an appearance for either march.
Stay tuned for next month's word: CONSUMER

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