28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A) | Oct 11, 2020
!!!Schedule Changes for This Week!!!

  • There will be no Friday afternoon Mass on campus today, Oct 9, as Fr. Paul is away on retreat.
  • Mass this Sunday, Oct 11, will be celebrated in the chapel at CCM instead of Hillside Grind.

The reason for the change in venue this Sunday is because I will be accompanying our student peer ministry team on a leadership retreat Oct 9-11, meaning there will be no one on hand to open Hillside Grind and set up for Mass. Given the lower anticipated numbers this weekend with so many being off campus, it makes more sense to use the chapel. We will be back at Hillside Grind on Oct 18 and the following Sundays of the semester. Please pray for our students who will be on retreat.

You Are Invited!
What if you received an invitation to a fancy dinner party? You’d be honored, right? But getting an invitation to the party isn’t the same as being there. To benefit from the invitation, you’ve got to show up. Showing up is a major part of accomplishing anything in life, and what Jesus tells us in this Sunday’s parable of the wedding feast is that our salvation is no different. God invites -- but we have to show up. That's what I talk about in this week's scripture reflection.

In Christ,
Deacon Matt
CCM Connect!
Every Wednesday evening our students bring you a program about living life as a Catholic college student. Last week we learned about "Our Lady of Victory" and Mary's role as a powerful intercessor for us. If you missed it, be sure to check it out!

This week we'll be bringing you our first ever "how to" craft video, as we teach you how to make St. Therese of Lisieux's Sacrifice (or Good Deed) Beads! It's a simple project anyone can do in just a few minutes that will give a boost to your spiritual life. Don't miss it!
Premieres Wednesday at 7:00 pm on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.
CCM In-Depth
We've launched a new series on our YouTube Channel called CCM In-Depth, where Deacon Matt will be doing a deep dive into an issue related to our faith each month. With the presidential elections less than a month away, for our first episode, Deacon looks at the question: Is it a sin to vote for X?
Small Groups
Small group Bible studies continue to meet on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They are open for any student to participate. To connect with a small group, contact one of our student group leaders listed on our web site.
This Week's Prayer Schedule
SUNDAY | Oct 11
NOTE: Mass this Sunday will be at CCM
  • MASS | 4:00 PM
  • Live streamed on Facebook.
  • Pray along on the iBreviary app
FRIDAY | Oct 16
Need prayer? Join the CCM Prayer request Group Me. No chat or discussion, just prayer. Post your prayer request today.
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