Showing a Property in Lincoln? – Use of One Day Codes to Sunset July 1, 2020
In an on-going effort to maintain security in the SentriLock lockbox system, the Midlands MLS Board of Directors approved the activation of the SentriConnect mobile app for non-SentriLock users.

The new SentriConnect feature is a separate mobile app non-subscribers can download, create a unique User ID, Password and PIN number and use to access lockboxes in the same manner a current subscriber can, rather than being issued a one-day code by the listing agent.

In approving the use of the new app, the Midlands MLS Board also approved   discontinuing the use of one-day codes effective July 1, 2020 . After July 1, 2020, all access to lockboxes will be through the use of the SentriConnect app for all non-members of Lincoln's SentriLock service. This includes agents, vendors and contractors.

**Any non-user will need to download the app, create a profile and establish a PIN number before they will be able to access the property**

If you need to show a property with a SentriLock lockbox and you are not a current SentriLock user , the listing agent will grant you access to the box using the email address on file with the SentriConnect App. Please be sure to use your business related email address* if possible.

*Whatever email you use when you register for SentriConnect has to be the same email you give to Lincoln agents when they grant access to the lockbox.
With the new app, you’ll be able to:
  • View which SentriLock lockboxes you have access to in a specific area.
  • See a Google Maps view of the assigned property location.
  • Access the property securely without the need for a one-day code.
  • Access the listing agent’s contact information.
  • View property-specific information such as alarm codes and instructions after receiving granted access.
  • Update your personal information, including photo, occupation, and more.
How to Use SentriConnect®
This two-minute video will walk you through how to create a SentriConnect account (0:00-1:05) and how to use it once you've been granted access by the listing agent (2:07-2:49).
SentriConnect® Tutorial: Creating an Account
Step 1
Launch Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple).
Step 2
Search for "SentriConnect".
Step 3
Click the "Install" icon, then open the SentriConnect App.
Step 4
Tap the "Create Account" button.
Step 5
Enter the required information and tap the "Next" button.
Step 6
Create a PIN number. You will use this PIN to access lockboxes.
Step 7
Enter your mobile phone number, then press "Send Activation".
Step 8
Check your SMS Messages for an activation link to complete your registration and setup.