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In 2022 we've hit the (dirt) ground running!
$11,316 raised of $10,000 goal
πŸ“Pacific Spirit Regional Park

In our first direct mail campaign, our donors showed that they gave a hoot (and then some!) about the bees, trees, frogs and bog at Pacific Spirit Regional Park. The money raised will go directly into nurturing nature at Pacific Spirit Regional Park, ensuring it is always there, working for the local community.
Grant Approved: Bat Monitoring
πŸ“Colony Farm Regional Park

The Foundation has approved a grant of $2,500 to Colony Farm Park Association that will allow them to purchase important tools such as spotlights, batteries, bat detectors, tripods, and other technology to effectively monitor the local bat population inhabiting the bat condos we have funded in the past.

Park Partners Raise $8,485
πŸ“PSPS, CTS Youth Society, DRBIPA

Pacific Spirit Park Society, CTS Youth Society and Derby Reach Brae Island Parks Association took on an end of year "Parks Partners Challenge" to raise a total of $8,485, much of which was matched by the Foundations George Ross funds for a total of $15,525 dollars going back into the regional parks community. THANK YOU to our amazing and dedicated park partners!
Boots on the Ground
πŸ“Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway

After raising funds to support the removal of invasive plants (thanks to the #REELEarthDayChallenge), we were given the opportunity to get our hands dirty with the Creative BC team, replacing invasive plants with native trees at Sapperton Landing (part of the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway).

It was a great day of nurturing nature with others who share our passion for accessible green spaces!

Regional Parks Plan:
Submit Your Feedback
πŸ“Metro Vancouver Regional Parks

Metro Vancouver is updating the 2016 Regional Parks Plan and they'd like your input. The Regional Parks Plan guides Metro Vancouver’s work to protect natural areas and connect people with them.

The plan update addresses climate change, social equity and the health and well-being of residents. It also seeks to continue exploring pathways to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. An action plan to guide the plans implementation is included. The plan will guide delivery of the Regional Parks service.

Have your say! Learn more about the plan and complete the feedback form:
Meet our new board members:
Liyang Wan, Smiely Khurana, Mike Jerowsky
β€œWe do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts."

-William Hazlitt
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