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Songs of the Heart is the title of our Lenten Sermon series. We are taking a look at some of the Psalms in the Old Testament, which were the prayer book of the ancient Israelites. They were most often sung from their hearts, and those songs still sound like our hearts today. 

Last week we read Psalm 39 and considered Contemplation. This week we will be allowing Psalm 51 to help us understand how important contrite confession is in our faith and to our health. 

I know, confession is a hard topic, but often times the most beautiful things are available after a hard or messy time. Tune in this Sunday, or come in person, to hear more. 

The Necessity of Christian Connection
One of the great things about being United Methodist is the connection. I’ve experienced this joy lately by meeting with five other UMC pastors to plan our Lenten sermon series. We are sharing ideas, resources, experiences, and outlooks on the scripture texts. I really appreciate Christian connection and hope you do, too.

But what I am most thankful for in this connection is the ability to share my thoughts and feelings. This group has cared for me in a variety of ways. For instance, I had a very hard funeral last week for a 26 year old. This group of Christians (who happened to also be pastors) were able to minister to me and listen to me. Christian connection matters.

I hope you are finding a way to connect with other Christians. You don’t have to agree on everything. It actually might be better if you don’t! All you have to do is agree that Christ has called us into a relationship with one another. If you’d like to join a Lenten small group, you can find the times in this newsletter. You can also seek to create your own group or find a friend to talk to. 

Christian connection matters. To follow Jesus is to also walk with others through the good and the bad. Don’t miss that part because it’s where you encounter even more of God’s grace and miracles. 

Yardsticks Needed for 380 Kids
Ms Heather is in need of 10-12 yardsticks for her class this Wednesday, March 3rd. If you have one you would like to loan out, you may contact Ms Heather or leave it at the church office.

Are you engaging in all three areas of your faith; deeper roots, stronger branches, and bountiful fruit? We believe that these areas are important in strengthening our faith in Christ and being a part of building the Kingdom of God in our midst. 

Deeper Roots
Worship can look a variety of ways and all are wonderful when our hearts are engaged in praising the Lord. 
  • 8:00 a.m. Traditional Worship In-Person
  • 8:45 a.m. Worship on Facebook Live
  • 9:30 a.m. Blended Worship In-Person (Sunday School included)
  • 10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship In-Person

We require masks to be worn in the church at this time. If in-person worship isn’t right for you at this time, please continue to worship online. We value your presence in the body of Christ. 
  • Exit X and 380 Kids will meet Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the church. Please wear masks. Our next break week is March 17th, so we will be meeting the next 2 Wednesdays. 

Notes of Gratitude
Just a note to let the people of the church know what it means for people that really care about others like me. Thank you for the cards, etc. I'm very thankful for all God's blessings.
-Annelee Machacek

Stronger Branches
Part of growing in our faith is prayer. Please take a moment to pray for these people and situations, plus what is on your heart.
  • Deena Moyle as she recovers from eye surgery
  • Bobbie Travis as she recovers from a fall
  • All who are dealing with COVID 
  • Medical professionals of all kinds
  • Caretakers
  • Jacob Vance
  • Rowena Torrevillas, Lauren Seaman's mother
  • Family of Debbie Sexton. Debbie's mother, Kathleen Kelly passed away last Sunday.
  • Kay Feldman, Brenda Swanson’s mother, is on Hospice Care
  • Michael Broghammer, at Basic Training
  • Jennifer Blair, as she has begun her intense 7 week cancer treatment. Follow her treatment journey on CaringBridge and search for Jennifer Blair 2021
  • Those with eating disorders
  • Scripture Text Groups! You can receive a text each morning with scripture and a reflection. Over 130 people connected to our church are doing this. Join us!
  • Lenten Small Groups: You have the option of joining small groups from now until Easter. They can provide some spiritual reflection and are a great chance to connect with other church friends.
  • Sundays on Zoom at 4:00 p.m. (Rocky and Cindy Bennett are leading) Please email Cindy for a Zoom link.
  • Tuesdays at the church at 9:30 a.m. (Carol Crisman is leading)
  • Thursdays on Zoom 7:00 p.m. (Bill Gravatt is leading) Please email Bill for a Zoom link.
Click on name for link.
Bountiful Fruit
  • Mark June 10-13 on your calendar and join us on our Mission Staycation. We will be serving in Cedar Rapids for two days and then heading for some retreat fun nearby for a couple days. This is a wonderful chance for families to get involved together.
  • We are in the process of beginning a Life Skills class to help people who want to tackle challenges in their lives. If you have a desire to help people with financial practices, job advancement, navigating the resources in our communities, healthy relationships, and more, then please let me know. We want to have this program ready to go by next fall. 
  • Thank you for your continued support of the ministries of Shueyville UMC. Your gifts of your time, talents, and money are all instrumental in sharing God’s love in our community. Thank you. 
  • How are you engaged in serving others and bearing the fruit of love in the world? We’d love to hear so please let us know!
  • Thank you for previous food donations !! 

SUMC will be collecting food donations thru March 27th for Easter Baskets delivered to
families. Share food with others so all may enjoy the light and love of Christ through food
this Easter. Canned goods, pasta noodles, cereals, etc. are welcome. Monetary Donations
for the purchase of fresh veggies and meat may be sent to the office/offering plate marked
Easter baskets. Baskets will be delivered to families Sunday prior to Easter. 

Ways to Continue to Financially Support SUMC
  • You can drop your check by the church. If the office isn’t open, please use the outside secure mailbox. It is located near the front doors on the west side. 
  • You can request, fill out, and return an EFT form. We are more than happy to mail this to you. An electronic funds transfer allows you to give to the church each month on a consistent basis. You can change or stop it at any time. 
  • You can also give on website, Shueyville United Methodist Church.
  • If you want to try the app, contact Pastor Brody and let’s see how well it works for you. Your feedback would be beneficial to see if this is something we commend for others. 
We are so grateful for every way you give. It's a blessing.