Volume 7, Number 8     

October 2015



Thank you to all who have given!
It Was a Dark and Stormy Weekend...at the Texas Archaeological Society Meetings
But even amidst the gloom of the dark clouds and torrential rains, Shumla's team of presenters shone. 

First up was Staff Archaeologist Jerod Roberts. Jerod presented on the way Shumla uses photography to document the rock art of the Lower Pecos. He showed that Shumla doesn't just take pictures. Our archaeologists consider the data each image needs to capture, how to make sure the image will be viewed the same in all formats and the how to ensure people in the future will be able to access it and use it.

Next, Audrey Lindsay, Shumla Archaeological Intern, presented on the differences between the research frameworks of various rock art recorders through history. She demonstrated, using the Rattlesnake Canyon mural, how the early watercolor rendering of Forest Kirkland, the systematic and grid-based documentation of the Rock Art Task Force and the digital, figure-based documentation of Shumla combine to provide a clearer overall picture of the mural and the elements within it.

Lindsay Vermillion, Texas State student and former Shumla Archaeological Intern, presented on Shumla's development of a graphic database. She showed how Shumla uses digital illustration hardware and software to develop layered illustrations with embedded information to achieve the following goals:
  • To systematically document each mural and its associated context using state-of-the-art technologies
  • To create a living and permanent record of the resource
  • To create a fully-integrated, searchable database containing textual and visual data that is replicable, verifiable, and useful to researchers for years to come.
Later in the afternoon, as a part of the Trans Rio Bravo/Rio Grande International Research Collaboration Symposium, Vicky Mu ñ oz, Shumla Archaeologist, presented on the Shumla trip she and Carolyn Boyd took to Mexico in February. There, Carolyn shared Shumla's documentation methods and her interpretations of the White Shaman mural with Mesoamerican archaeologists and her mentor, Dr. Alfredo Lopez Austin. Vicky explained how excited they were and that they immediately made plans to collaborate with Shumla, to learn our methods and apply them to the study of iconography, and eventually Pecos River Style rock art, other side of the border. Collaborations will begin in Spring 2016!

Well done, Shumla Team! 
T he People of the Hand Were Here...

Congratulations, Elton!

At the TAS Banquet, in a room of 400 people loudly shouting "Where as!" on cue, Elton Prewitt -- Vice President of Shumla's Board of Directors and longtime professional Texas Archaeologist -- was honored with the Texas Archaeological Society Lifetime Achievement Award. No one could have deserved this honor more. We are so proud to share this journey with you and so happy for you and Kerza on this recognition of the amazing impact you've made in Texas archaeology.
 Shumla is wishing for new disk drives

When you gather as much data as we do -- data on priceless, endangered murals -- you have the responsibility of keeping that data safe. We back-up our data yearly, monthly, weekly and daily, in multiple locations. As our data set grows, so must our disks. That's why we need the 6 terabyte disks on our Shumla Amazon Wish List . Help us keep our data secure - give the gift of virtual storage space.

Thank you to all who have donated items from our  Wish List in  the past. We value your help so deeply. Each gift, each dollar, each small or large item makes a difference in our ability to do our work. Your support means the world to us.  Thank you!

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