Shura Council Condemns Terror Attack in NYC
     November 1, 2017
The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California expresses its strong condemnation of the heinous crime committed yesterday, reportedly by a supporter of ISIS in Manhattan, New York. We join the nation in expressing our grief at the loss of eight innocent lives and injury of eleven people. Our hearts go out to the families who lost their loved ones. We pray for the speedy recovery of those who are injured and for the safety and security of all people.

The person who allegedly committed this crime and his supporters are criminals representing a sick ideology. Their actions are immoral and sinful and are contrary to the teachings of our faith, and all faiths and civilizations. We pray for the defeat of all immoral and inhuman ideologies.

May God help us to restore human values and bring peace and justice in the world. Ameen.

About the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California
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