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It's hard to say good-bye
Hey everyone,

9 years ago, God challenged me to “walk through any door” He opened. Never at that time did I imagine the work that He would do. Often, we hear of miraculous stories of how God moved through common people for an uncommon work… I for one had always dreamed of being used by Him in such a way never thinking it would be something that I would experience. How wrong I was. I have been blessed to be on a wonderful and amazing journey where most of the time I spent just trying to keep pace with His vision and His promptings always acknowledging this was never my business but His and always keeping in mind that I would just as readily walk away when my job was done. When you spend most of your time trying to serve others and just be present to love those around you, you don’t stop to think about what the “endgame” looks like. While these years have been filled with many joys and much love, it has also taken a toll on my physical health. Over the 4 th  of July week, my family and I made the hard decision to shut down the physical location and classes offered by Performer’s Warehouse. It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this news but please know that I am prepared to help anyone find a new home for their student.
Camiah, Dianne and Eddie will still be teaching privates and all can be reached separately to set up Fall Lessons. In addition, the teachers have a list of your contact information and I have encouraged them to reach out to you individually if they would like. Dianne is working on setting up a place around our area so that she can meet with you in person. Until she does, I have offered to let her teach out of my home in Cumming. Hannah is also open to teaching privates and helping with any prescreens that you might need while you are getting settled into a new studio.

If you currently have a balance or monies owed, please take care of those balances as soon as reasonably possible. Any outstanding balances after August 15 th  will be sent over to collections.

To all of our current and former students, thank you for being on this journey with us. We will all cherish the memories that have been created. I also want to say a special thank you to Camiah Mingorance, Denise Verheul, Dianne Sleek, Mary Wright, Pat Valleroy and Sharon Druzbanski. Without these women, Performer’s Warehouse would not have felt like a home. I have been exceedingly blessed to be part of such an amazing, strong team of women who have a passion not only for the Arts but also their students and most importantly for God. To all of the instructors past and present, you too were extremely vital in delivering the vision of PW and positively impacting students' lives and I am very grateful for each of you. I also want to say thank you to Dave Clemmons who has been the best adviser and friend a person could have. To my family, there are none more loyal and loving than you. I am so proud to have brought you up in the midst of all the beautiful things God was doing. And finally, to my husband who has been the bedrock that has helped me keep my footing, words could never be enough. I love you and am grateful for you every day.
I am not saying good-by forever, Performer’s Warehouse will continue to be a huge part of the College Audition Project and will still produce shows from time to time. We will be keeping our social media presence to highlight all our former students and help anyone who needs direction along the way. And, if the time ever comes again, that God sees fit to reopen the training side of PW, I will be right there helping make it happen.

Again, thank you for trusting all of us with those who are most valuable to you. I hope that you and your students will keep me up to date on all the wonderful events that will inevitably occur in their lives. 

In Him,

Holly Garmon