April/May 2020
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NS Wave Shuttle Service Ending

We are sorry to announce that the North Shore TMA's NS Wave Shuttle service is ending effective April 14th. The NS Wave Partners made the difficult decision to end service due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and not knowing when physical distancing measures will be lifted. Our financial circumstances would not allow for an indefinite suspension of service. Our hope is to secure additional grant funding and restart the shuttle again in the future. The NS Wave Shuttle began as a pilot program last May. It was considered a success, building up ridership every month with the highest level of ridership in February 2020. We hope we can replicate this first/last mile shuttle service in other North Shore cities and towns in addition to restarting the Wave soon. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Mark your calendars!
Bay State Bike Month Moving to September!

Traditionally held in May, this year, BayState Bike Month will be in September! May in New England has always been iffy so this is a welcome change! Look forward to gorgeous bike weather and plenty of time to get ready!

Check out these videos to get you, your bike, and your family ready to ride:

Haven't ridden your bike in awhile and don't feel comfortable working on it yourself, bring it in to your local bike shop which are considered essential business and are still open.
We will get through this together

Our staff is available now for consults- we can provide individualized programming for your employee mobility needs to include: walking, biking, telecommuting, or other programs taking into consideration the continued need for physical distancing. When restrictions ease up, we will be back to promoting all commuting modes-and we'll have new and exciting promotions and on-site events ready to go.

We know that during times of uncertainty, fear and anxiety can take over. Here are a few tips to help you manage anxiety and boost your immune system: (Courtesy of The Washington Post )

  1. Eat Whole Foods
  2. Go to sleep around the same time every night
  3. Connect with other people by phone or video every week
  4. Exercise at least 30 mins every day
  5. Do something to give your mind peace-like gardening, meditating, cleaning, cooking, whatever works for you!
Lessons Learned from a Crisis?
Here's some takeaways we hope companies and municipalities will be implementing in light of the COVID-19 situation:
Telecommuting is a great strategy to reduce congestion. Now that we've proven we can work from home and there is a myriad of technology to make it easier to communicate and collaborate remotely, let's hope that companies will make formalized telework polices the norm. This could lead to reduced space and parking needs which would save companies money as well. Allowing employees to shift their workday away from peak commuting times and allow flexible schedules will reduce commuting times for everyone while making it easier for employees to manage their work/life needs, especially working parents. Here's a great resource for setting up a telecommute policy.

Walking and biking to work are a great commuting option not only to reduce congestion but to maintain fitness and for mental clarity and it's always a reliable option, especially during times of uncertainty or disasters. Employers can support biking with showers, lockers, earn-a-bike programs, and secured bike storage on-site. Municipalities can build networks of protected multi-use paths.

Less cars on the road has numerous benefits including: improved air quality (air pollution has been linked to higher COVID-19 mortality rates), reduced C02 emissions, and reduced number of car crash injuries/fatalities to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. Hopefully this will lead to enacting proven policies that get cars off the road such as: including TDM in city ordinances, congestion pricing, road diets/improved infrastructure for walking and biking/dedicated bus lanes/car-free city centers/sensible parking pricing...

Congrats to our 1st CommuteConnect Winner!
Eric Xu from Eastern Bank normally takes the commuter rail from Newton to Lynn but since the COVID-19 pandemic, he is telecommuting. He won a $250 Amazon gift card for tracking his trips-and you can be next!

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