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Enjoy a sneak peek of the SiP Official Selection Kindling programming below, which will include conversations and deep dives with Showcase and Spotlight Artists, our youth CultureCrew, plus a few special guests!

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CSAW Microgrants for Artists of Color
November is a very special month for the CSAW Microgrant program! We will be giving out TWO $1,000 Microgrants this month - one for emerging US circus artists of color between the ages of 14 and 21 and one for US circus artists of color 21 & Over! This is in hopes of helping younger circus folx not have to compete as intensely for this grant with established professionals. The deadline to apply is October 15th! CSAW Microgrants are available every month from now until August 2021 and applications open the 1st - 15th of each month!

Link to apply for ages 14-21 :
Link to apply for ages 21 + :

Eligibility for a CSAW Microgrant for US Circus Artists of Color is limited to people of color who are citizens, resident aliens, or permanent residents of the United States looking to further their education in circus or fund their circus related projects. All applicants must be 14 years or older to apply for and receive a Microgrant.

For this Microgrant program, CSAW will be following a broad definition of Circus Artists of Color which encompasses all who identify in part or in whole as non-white persons.

A Microgrant may be applied for and used to pay for circus-related expenses, including but not limited to the following: recreational circus classes, travel and housing accommodations for auditions, application fees, tuition payments, equipment, props, private lessons, show creation, venue fees, and other educational or project related fees.

The November CSAW Microgrant for a US Circus Artist of Color (ages 21+) is sponsored by a very generous donation from Gravity & Other Myths! The CSAW Microgrant for a US Circus Artist of Color (ages 14-21) is a one time opportunity made possible by our generous donors who helped us exceed our fundraising goal. Microgrants for artists ages 14 & up will continue to be available on a monthly basis until August 2021. 

SiP Showcase Artist Highlight
Cross That River
Allan Harris
United States

Age Range: 12-100
Running Time: 60-110 minutes
Audience Size: 200-500
Artist Website:
Contact: Harris, President
Company: Pat Harris and Associates
Phone: 212-862-3301

Cross That River represents a significant moment in American History, and tells a story that’s never been told. The unsettled West of the 1860s provides a new life and new dreams for Blue, a run-away slave, who escapes from slavery to Texas to become one of America’s first Black Cowboys. This compelling tale of freedom integrates fiction with historical fact, and each song presents a different page in this complicated chapter of American History. The story of Blue begins in Louisiana, and with every song of this highly-infectious score, the audience is moved further along on Blue’s harrowing journey across the Sabine River to freedom in the Wild West. Each song tells a unique story, at times joyful, sometimes tragic, but mostly a poignant chronicle of enduring perseverance. Songs: Cross That River, Blue Was Angry, Mail Order Woman, Dark Spanish Lady, I Must Believe, Mule Skinner. The impact this could have on my career is to open up venues for me to take it on tour in Canada.
The Listies Make You LOL!
The Listies
Age Range: 5 to 12 Years Old
Running Time: 55 - 65 minutes
Audience Size: 150 - 900
Artist Website:

The Listies Make you LOL! is raucous, unruly and guaranteed to have the whole family (even dads) LOLing, ROFLing and ROFLSHALBOWCOing.* (*Rolling On the Floor Laughing So Hard a Little Bit of Wee Came Out)
This show is rated S for Stupid.
LOL features alien attacks, toilet paper guns, spew, the rudest word in the world and the most disgusting pair of undies you have ever seen in your entire life.
LOL is highly interactive fun for the whole family. Rather than talk down to children The Listies tell stories set in the world of kids, parodying pop culture, celebrity, parents and videos games.
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