February 26, 2021
Family Enterprise Entertainment
Dear Global Family Enterprise Community,

Happy Friday! This week's entertainment recommendations revolve around siblings in a family enterprise. As in all families, some siblings get along while others need to work on their partnership!           

  • Big Night (1996): Thank you to Columbia Business School staff member, Matthew Quint for the entertainment suggestion! In this movie, brothers Primo and Secondo own a struggling Italian restaurant in New Jersey. To keep their business open, the brothers work together to host a big premier dinner when a famous jazz musician's in town.

  • The Rothschilds: The Dynasty And The Legacy:  The Rothschild family is a historic dynasty famous not only for their wealth and success but because of family sibling structure. In this book, you will read all about the history of the family and how they were structured for success.   

  • Frozen: Estranged sisters Elsa and Anna recently lost their parents and now must put their differences aside and come together to be the rulers of the kingdom of Arendelle. Unbeknownst to Anna, Elsa, who is next in line to be queen, has a big magical secret. Will Elsa finally tell Anna about her magical powers and become the strong ruler that the kingdom so desperately needs?   

If you have any recommendations of your favorite movies, series, or books, please send them to: familyenterprise@gsb.columbia.edu.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay tuned …

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