Cold/Flu Season?

January 2015

A fellow Chiropractic Clinic in New Hampshire shared this and we could not agree more! Make an appointment with us so we can teach you how to build up the immune systems of you and your family!

What REALLY Works When Fighting Colds/Flu?

  • Eat Right (including avoiding sugar)
  • Get Plenty Of Vitamin D (Adults should take 5,000 IU)
  • Eat Garlic and Ginger Regularly
  • Consume a high-quality fish oil daily
  • Exercise
  • Get Adequate Sleep
  • Reduce Emotional Stress
  • Wash Your Hands Regularly
  • Get A Chiropractic Adjustment
If you are fighting a Cold or the Flu, pick up Some Congaplex, Immuplex, RC Oil, and Thieves Oil at Scheideman Chiropractic! And while you are here, get a massage and adjustment to help your body fight even harder!
flu shot 
 You may have heard of the Minnesota Wild players and many others missing games due to the mumps, or the concern about  Disneyland's appearance of measles. We have dedicated a newsletter in the past to the other side of the vaccination issue and plan to address it again in the near future. But, for now, here are a few reminders:

As an encouragement, all NHL players and those with mumps were treated , and after a few uncomfortable days of sickness, everyone is fine. I would imagine that most, if not all of them were vaccinated and still got the illness... That has to make you think.

Also, there is a reason that measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, whooping cough, etc. are called Childhood diseases. These illnesses, not even diseases, prime the Immune system to ward off more devastating disease later in life. Also, in childhood, the illnesses are easily tolerated. Not pleasant, but tolerable. When these illnesses hit you as an adult, the physiological consequences are much worse! 

Another reminder is that when you get a vaccination, not only are you receiving a possibly ineffective vaccine, but you are being injected with a LONG list of harmful chemicals. We have listed a few below...

  • Formaldehyde - A known Cancer causing agent
  • Thimerosal - This is 49% Mercury
  • Aluminum - A Neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer's disease.
  • TritonX-100 - a detergent.
  • And many more...
As in all topics concerning your health, educate yourself, get all the information, and then you can make an informed decision. 

In This Issue
Oil of the Month 


 Helps to protect the body from the onset of cold/flu.


Thieves has been used to fight against sore throats, tooth aches, inflammation, and fatigue. This is our "go-to" oil for cleaning/disinfecting.

Apply sparingly (or dilute with olive oil) to the area of concern or bottoms of feet.
For sore throat, swab the back of your throat with a Q-tip or add to your drinking water.


Note: Thieves is a "hot" oil and can irritate the skin. Also, use sparingly during pregnancy.  


Supplement of the Month 


Congaplex / Immuplex
 by Standard Process.


Can't keep the Flu bugs away?We suggest 2 supplements when the flu/cold symptoms hit.


Immuplex contains phytochemicals and minerals which support the body's response to antioxidants. Immuplex provides long-term support for everyday function.


Congaplex contains key ingredients that "break into"  the immune system to battle the symptoms of colds/flu, providing short term relief.  This is also available for children ages 1-10 in a chewable form that has natural raspberry fruit powder added for a pleasant flavor.


Both Standard Process products provide a well-rounded support for a healthy immune system. 


 Available for purchase at Scheideman Chiropractic.
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