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Sickness Or Wellness
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Sickness Or Wellness

Can you afford to get sick? Sickness can reverse every dream you have, create hopelessness and despair. It can easily lead to bankruptcy. Even one person in the family becoming ill affects the entire family.


Except for sudden unavoidable accidents, nearly all sickness comes from an accumulation of stress factors which over time break through the threshold of stress resistance. The threshold of stress adaptation is the most important mechanism of the body. When it fails, the body must sacrifice part of itself in order to survive. The part that is sacrificed loses the capacity to function at optimum levels. That tissue or system is the result of either past injuries, neglect, abuse, congenital or inherited weaknesses, past or present dietary imbalances, or chronic stress.


So how do you prevent yourself from suffering from an overwhelmed stress adaptation system? The first thing is to not accept that the medical profession can offer help in this area. Medicine is great in intervening with severe or life threatening diseases or injuries, but not against long term degradation of health resulting in chronic symptoms. Having an exam and basic blood work one time per year is not a measurement of health. That methodology is only good for finding major diseases that have already taken root. Even if trouble is seen, drugs are not the route to take because they were not meant for creating health but for intervening and controlling only a particular physiology of a disease.


The answer lies in discovering where your weaknesses are and correcting those weaknesses through chiropractic adjustments, postural corrections, proper amounts and types of exercise, nutritional care and supplementation. Since you are only as good as your weakest link, it is important to find that weakest link, determine what is weakening it further, and change the behavior that is draining it. Nothing is better than chiropractic analysis and correction in promoting health along with specific nutritional considerations and other allied care like acupuncture and body work.


Our clinic is one of the best at discovering the weakest link and correcting it. Those that choose to have regular evaluations, treatments, and nutritional direction maintain their health far greater than those that stay in denial and let the stresses of life accumulate.


I have dedicated 41 years of my life to helping others stay well. Start as soon as you can by making an appointment for an evaluation of your weaknesses followed by a treatment to correct it.