SidePlate at NASCC 2019
The first week of April 2019 was a huge week for SidePlate. We set up camp at the NASCC Steel Show in St. Louis, MO, with the biggest display in our history and our biggest team of regional engineers. And that wasn’t even the biggest news—the really exciting part of the show was a chance to showcase our all-new field-bolted SidePlate and SidePlate PLUS connection designs.

Our almost 25-year history has seen some really significant engineering accomplishments, but this new level of field efficiency absolutely makes SidePlate stand tall over our competitors. With these new connections we can offer design flexibility, life-safety, steel savings and erection speed because, why weld in the field?

Also, we co-hosted our annual party at the Steel Show with SDS/2.Our party is the hot ticket for your Thursday night at the NASCC event—be sure to get on our guest list for next year in Atlanta!
Construction Services Department
In January we launched our Construction Services Department (CSD), with a direct focus on supporting our fabrication and erection partners. This department, led by Brett Hart, previously the Director Engineering, will be visiting with our customers in their offices and on job sites across the country.

Our increased involvement with SidePlate construction partners around the country stands to be a win-win for everyone. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that our construction partners have acquired and by learning from them, listening to their ideas, we can only make SidePlate better for everyone.

If you want a member of our CSD team to visit with your shop or project, just let your Regional Engineer know!
ProMedica Charles and Virginia Hickman Hospital and Medical Office Building
The ProMedica Charles and Virginia Hickman Hospital and Medical Office Building, located in Adrian, MI, is a full service 208,776 sq. ft. three-story hospital set to be complete by June 15, 2020. SidePlate was brought onto the project and teamed up with HKS to focus on general analytical modeling, lateral frame locations, member sizing, architectural conflicts and model sharing. Through this process, the SidePlate design allowed the HKS team to reduce the overall steel package by 80 tons and reduce the number of field connections by 34%.

Additional project savings were discovered in the SidePlate field-bolted connection design that eliminated field-welding, testing and inspection in the field and helped erection stay on schedule by eliminating frustrating weather delays. Said the HKS team at a recent meeting, “We like the increased stiffness of the SidePlate lateral design, the bolted connection benefits and our contractors and erectors like the building and installation process—we also really enjoyed a nice steel savings! HKS has found the team at SidePlate to be an extremely beneficial and responsive design assist on our projects.”

The overall success of this project is due to the team effort from Lathrop/Turner in the general contractor seat, Cives Steel doing the fabrication, Ideal Contracting handling erection and HKS serving as the architect and EOR. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to assist in this project.
SidePlate Team Member Spotlight
Many of you may recognize the name Lisa Mosconi, as she is the connection between our clients and the SidePlate team. Lisa is described around our office as having a tremendous passion for our customers; striving to understand their needs and asking great questions to further that understanding. Since so many of our customers talk with Lisa on a daily basis, we thought we should bring you a glimpse into who she is and what makes her so good at her job.
Q: What is your title?
A: Project Coordinator

Q: What do you do here?
A: I’m in charge of tracking submittals, RFIs, and any communications for a project. I work on the insurance and billing requests per project. Our customers can always know or be assured there is someone at the office they can call, I am always there to assist in getting them their answer. Even though I’m not an engineer, I promise to get your question answered and be your “go-to” girl.

Q: How long have you worked at SidePlate?
A: 5 years as of March ( Congratulations Lisa! )

Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: I love working with our clients and customers, as cliché as that sounds. Whether it’s talking on the phone or emailing them, I enjoy getting to know them as people not just customers. I love exchanging stories with them. 

Q: Speaking of stories, what has been your favorite interaction with a client?
A: I am not sure if I can point to just one, but sometimes when I am talking to a client I know where they are located or where they are working because of all my traveling I did when I was younger. Occasionally I have been talking with a customer and find out that we have mutual friends in common. It makes them more comfortable. We become less of a company in Southern California and more of a hometown/familiar company. These interactions lead to conversations about grand kids or vacations or recent engagements. It opens them up to a more personal relationship.

Q: What's the one thing you want to be sure our customers know?
A: Any time we are talking via email or over the phone, please give me the project name. It saves us both time in the end, which allows for more time to share fun stories .

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?
A:  Traveling and experiencing new things, especially things outside of my comfort zone. I love hanging out with my adventuresome 10 year old daughter, and hanging out with my friends, who are my life line. I am an outdoorsy girl! Swimming, hiking, boating, camping, going to the beach, you name it!

Q: How do you balance being a single mother and working in the busy engineering world?
A: Being organized! If I wasn’t, I would lose my marbles. I write a to-do list, every day, listed out day by day, even if the list is too big for one day, it helps me have a focus for both work and home life.

Each issue of our newsletter will bring another Employee Spotlight, helping you better know the SidePlate team you are working with.
Social Media and SidePlate
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