SidePlate Announces All
Field-Bolted Connections
Whatever the project you are working on, SidePlate has a Field Bolted Solution. With our release of the SidePlate and SidePlate PLUS connections, we now have a bolted solution for every application--and location. The benefits of field-bolted connections are huge and exciting.
SidePlate PLUS
The SidePlate connection, and its various configurations, have been simplified for wind projects. SidePlate PLUS has been designed specifically for buildings in need of extra performance. It is complete with its new AISC 358 approval!

Field-bolted connections will save significant amounts of time during the erection process as no pre-heating is required, no weather delays prevent construction, and no specially skilled or trained installers are required on the job site.

When your project is built with SidePlate engineered moment frames, you can count on a lighter steel package, reduced numbers of joints, more predictable scheduling, and the customer service that has made SidePlate the number one choice in moment frame designs.

Contact your Regional Engineer for a tour of the complete suite by clicking here.
Big Changes Inside SidePlate
We are kicking 2019 off with incredible positive momentum. New connections, a new Customer Portal and new positions within the organization. Take a look:
Ryan Smith, SE is taking on the role of Director , leading the company forward for 2019 and beyond. Ryan has been with SidePlate for six years, most recently heading up Business Development. His abilities in both engineering and business make him the right man to set the tone for our future, and the entire team is ready to follow his lead.
Brett Hart, SE is stepping into a newly developed role, Director of Construction Services . Brett was leading our engineering team, and his six years at SidePlate have positioned him perfectly to set out on this new initiative. SidePlate is excited to get more involved with our construction partners and you can count on hearing from Brett soon.
Jared Adams, PE will become our Director of Technology Development , expanding his attention from engineering to now lead our R&D and Software Engineering departments. Jared will be applying his 15 years of SidePlate knowledge to help us in our constant drive to improve and be more efficient at every level of the business.
Matt Mester, SE is the new Director of Engineering , using his five years of SidePlate knowledge to advance our team. Matt will use his outside engineering experience plus his SidePlate knowledge to lead our engineering team to the next level as all the 2019 excitement kicks in.
Jason Hoover, SE is taking over as the Director of Business Development . Jason was the very first Regional Engineer on the SidePlate team and his seven years of experience watching SidePlate grow to be the industry leader it has become, will be a tremendous asset to our customers across the country.
Henry Gallart, SE will be taking a new role with our parent company, MiTek, as the Senior Vice President of Engineering Solutions . Quite a big title for his huge role as Henry looks into the 11 MiTek Commercial Construction companies and finds engineering efficiencies that will help MiTek revolutionize the Commercial Construction Industry.
Please join us as we congratulate all these amazing people who will bring even more excitement and successes to SidePlate!
New Customer Portal
Our website, has launched the first phase of our new secure Customer Portal this week. The new secure area allows users to access all of the resources they need in their segment of the industry—and check out the resources for other segments. These in-depth technical pages will serve to answer almost any question you may have instantly, so if you are doing some research off hours or just don’t want to ask one of our team members a questions, the information is at your fingertips.

Over the next few months additional upgrades and increased functionalities will be announced—all with a focus on making your go to source for technical information.
Social Media and SidePlate
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