Exclusive—Sneak Peak of SidePlate PLUS Biaxial Connection for HSS
Shown: SidePlate PLUS test on W27X102 Beam with HSS20X20X7/8 Column – Static Beam W27X146
By the time you read this, the first projects featuring SidePlate PLUS Biaxial connections will be in a number of fabrication shops across the country. Plans for SidePlate Biaxial Connections are also being drawn up at this time. Based on client feedback we developed this connection to expand SidePlate applications into data centers, residential, and similar projects, as well as traditional buildings that want competitively-bid HSS connections with no procured parts.

For more information or details on how this next generation of SidePlate can help on your project, please contact the Regional Engineer in your area by clicking here: https://www.sideplate.com/contact
The Fairbourne Station
Fairbourne Station, located in West Valley City, UT, is part of the Center City Vision plan. The 40-acre development will serve as the epicenter of West Valley City and be a mixed-use area combing retail space, office space, and residential space. This project includes three SidePlate buildings – The West Valley City Police Headquarters, the Fairbourne Station Office Tower, and the Granger Medical Center.
The three-story West Valley City Police Headquarters was developed with the goal to create a dynamic town center in the heart of the city, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, security, and service while being approachable to the public. This 66,000 sqft headquarters will bring together staff that were previously spread out between buildings. SidePlate was seen as the best option for this project because the interior layout was an open floor and not conducive to a core system.
The Fairbourne Station Office Building is nine-stories tall and over 270,000 sqft. SidePlate was chosen as the best solution for the project by bringing in the SidePlate PLUS bolted configuration to eliminate the need for a BRB core and the congestion it created. The modern design of this building will include some spectacular views of Utah’s second largest city and be a great addition to the community. 
Granger Medical Clinic is a four-story, 89,000 sqft, medical office building. During the design phase, the architect pushed for an open layout, making SidePlate the preferred lateral system. Bringing the SidePlate PLUS bolted design to the project achieved the open layout and proved to be the most economical solution. 

The Fairbourne Station is set to open in Fall, 2019.
SidePlate -- Here We Grow -- Again
SidePlate is excited to announce a new addition to our Business Development team, Kyle Wilson. Kyle brought significant experience in research and construction management with him when he joined SidePlate four years ago. Starting as a Design Engineer he then took on a Design Development Engineer role before his latest, and greatest, move to Regional Engineer for Southern California, Hawaii and the Las Vegas, Nevada areas.

Kyle has big shoes to fill in this role, stepping into Ryan Smith’s old region, but he is more than ready for the challenge. Please welcome Kyle into his new role by asking him to get involved on your next project.

Reach him at kwilson@sideplate.com or by calling (949) 238-8911.
SidePlate Team Member Spotlight
Quang Huynh is our Senior R&D Analyst and one of the genius minds behind SidePlate innovations and technology developments. With a tremendous passion for learning, Quang is well suited for leading our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) research and being the person in our office who probably knows something about whatever you have a question about. 
Q: What is your title?
A: Senior R&D Analyst

Q: What do you do here?
A: I work to innovate and improve the technology that we have and create new technologies when there is a need for them. If we have new ideas we explore them, research their feasibility and model them electronically before building them in steel.

Q: How long have you worked at SidePlate?
A: Seven years

Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: I am always learning something new every day. My job challenges me and has never been a “cookie cutter” type job. The work is very technical, high level, focused and, most importantly, challenging. I’ve been asked why I don’t go back for my PHD. Essentially all the work I am doing here is like getting a PHD. 

Q: You are a big part of each of our practical tests in the laboratory—any big moments?
A: During our H1 testing, when one of our connections went up to 9% drift, which is unheard of! 

Q: Why is FEA so important to SidePlate? 
A: In the field of fracture mechanics, SidePlate has the ability to predict--which is very difficult. Running full-scale tests numerous times on the computer, seeing the results repeated, is essential before we actually do a real test. This way we enter the lab with a high degree of certainty, rather than doing tests and wasting time and money. 

Q: What is your record (%) on predictions during testings?
A:  There was one I predicted results at 100%! But, for the most part my predictions are accurate, plus or minus 1-2 cycles, 90% of the time. 

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?
A: Driving my Mustang to beautiful locations and scenery and take pictures. 

Q: You recently got your dream car (Mustang GT) and your dream camera. Where do you want to drive next to take pictures?
A: Maybe Yellowstone, Yosemite, or some beautiful national parks!

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