Bolted OSHPD Connection! And...
The SidePlate and SidePlate PLUS bolted connections are making a big impact on the steel construction industry. By eliminating a need for field welding, projects can go together quicker, with no real weather delays and final detail work goes faster.

So, when we were able to get the SidePlate PLUS bolted connection granted an AMC (Alternate Method of Compliance) from OSHPD we were incredibly excited. SidePlate and hospitals are a perfect match. Across the country hospitals have been going together faster, more efficiently and with greater cost savings thanks to the SidePlate PLUS field-bolted connection design. Currently the California Building Code called for welded SidePlate connection designs in hospitals, so this new development will give a bolted option!

But you don’t do work in California? And you don’t need seismic connections? Great, keep your eye on this space for just a little bit longer, 2020—our 25 th Anniversary year—may bring some amazing bolted surprises for you! 
Changes to the
Customer Portal
We start with a new way to let us know you have a question, need some help or have an idea for us. Appearing on every page of our sign-in site will be a blue button that sits prominently atop each page. Simply click the blue button, fill out the information requested and within moments you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we are getting to work on an answer.

The sign-in page has also been rearranged to separate construction and design resources, making navigation to what you need simple and very efficient. This is coupled with a whole new look for your project information.

We encourage you to go to and sign-in to see these new enhancements—even if you are not currently working on a SidePlate project.
We have had several reports of a bug in the ETABS version 18 design software package. If you experience a problem with it, please contact us directly and we can provide a very quick non-prismatic solution for you. We will be happy to help you with this and can even provide you with a spreadsheet that will automatically apply the solutions generated. Just reach out to us 949-238-8900.
SidePlate Team Member Spotlight
Billy Tarasevic has become known as a ‘go-to guy’ in the SidePlate engineering department. Not only is he good at what he does, he is notoriously fast! At work he enjoys challenges, making him a great engineer to work complex projects: designs that push our connections limits, progressive collapse, and biaxial designs. His coworkers say that he’s not just an excellent engineer, but he is a good person: Training summer interns, taking the time to catch up with his team at the weekly meetings, and always in for a lunch outing when he is in the office. Billy and his family moved up to the Central Coast of California earlier this year, so we all miss him around the office, but we are glad we get to see him every other month and keep in contact.    
Q: What is your title?
A: Senior Project Engineer

Q: What do you do here?
A: I do engineering design work for many different types of projects. I work with the Engineer of Record to help implement SidePlate into their building models and to design a safe and efficient LFRS. I continue to work with the EOR throughout the design and construction phases of the project to ensure that the SidePlate connections are incorporated smoothly. 

Q: How long have you worked at SidePlate?
A: Seven and a half years

Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: I like that I can work on multiple projects that are sometimes completely different and are located all over the country. Working with different engineers from various companies and helping them with their designs is something that I enjoy as well. There is always something new and challenging to work on. 

Q: What kind of projects do you enjoy working on?
A: I enjoy working on projects that have unique architecture and have a little bit of a challenge to them as far as the SidePlate and LFRS implementation is concerned. Of course, a rectangular building with two-bay moment frames on each side is fine occasionally too.

Q: Do you have a favorite memorable experience with a client? 
A: Our friends at HKS sent my son a gift when he was born and put a picture of him on their “win wall.” This meant a lot to me and I enjoy building these types of relationships with some of our clients. 

Q: You and your family recently moved up to the central coast of California. What is your favorite activity it do in your new home?
A:  We enjoy hiking and going to farmers market. There are so many activities and events that take place here and we do our best to enjoy as many of those as we can.   

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?
A: I like to work out; it’s tough making time with a toddler, so we decided to build a home gym. That has been working well so far. My wife and I also enjoy wine tasting; there are so many great, local vineyards. I also officiate high school football games, which is why I can tolerate my managers yelling at me all the time (joking). I have a 1964 Corvair that I work on from time to time; it’s running well enough these days, so I just try to enjoy driving it for the time being.

Q: You are a huge Cowboys fan, how do you feel about their season so far?
A: It’s been an up and down season for sure. This last win against the Eagles was a really big one so hopefully we can build on that! The Cowboys have a lot of young players and I hope they can put together a good run soon. 

Each issue of our newsletter will bring another Employee Spotlight, helping you better know the SidePlate team you are working with.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Lab
We are a proud sponsor of the engineering lab at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. SidePlate invests in supporting and encouraging the next generation of engineers—and sponsoring the lab lets us stay connected to the new ideas coming out of the University.

This year, new graphics have been added to the lab including updating our company’s timeline highlighting changes within our company. Those changes include Ryan Smith (Cal Poly SLO Alumni) and his new role as SidePlate Director, as well as our merge becoming part of the new MiTek Structural Framing Division with our two sister companies, Aegis Metal Framing and Benson Industries. Also showcased is our new Biaxial HSS Design, the AISC 358 pre-qualified field bolted connection, and our 25 th year anniversary coming in 2020!

Along with the timeline, the lab door got a new look - wrapping it in SidePlate blue with our new logo. Ryan Smith will be speaking to the students in the Architectural Engineering (ARCE) program at the university this coming year. 
Social Media and SidePlate
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