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Dr. Becca Rodriguez Regner
By now, we have reached over one year since COVID-19, and 26.4% of the USA population have been vaccinated. Many schools are returning to sport modified, many professional and Olympic teams are starting travel again. CDC and scientists have warned against a second wave of coronavirus and now we are seeing India battle the variants due to lack of vaccine to its people and a broken hospital system. As we look into the future, it is important to ask ourselves, how can we further support our athletes and keep sports safe?

You are part of that sports team. You are on the team roster as you sit sideline, court side or are on the field with the athletes and staff. How do team physicians best protect themselves? It is vital that team physicians continue to brainstorm scenarios out on the field to create prepared steps to keep athletes and staff safe. Here are some suggestions for continued safety planning.

  1. Have weekly meetings with the ATC and admin to improve communication and planning, especially EAP in regards to COVID.
  2. Reconsider unnecessary travel for athletes and staff.
  3. Continue to spread awareness on importance and benefits of the COVID vaccine, especially to the young population.
  4. Read and stay informed and updated on world news and changing medical guidelines to observe trends and how they affect the USA and local communities we serve.
  5. Create educational pieces (e.g., videos, Powerpoints, social media, Zoom calls, chat rooms, handouts, etc.) to help educate the team and staff about coronavirus and vaccine. Click here for an example created by Dr. Becca Rodriguez Regner.

  1. Create time within the medical staff to work out and exercise if on long trips with a team.
  2. Continue good habits with a healthy well-balanced diet and hydration.
  3. Continue mask use, social distancing, and sanitizing.
  4. Continue to make quality time for family. 

  1. Set time for quiet time–meditate, do yoga, deep breathing, unplug from electronics, pray.
  2. Take time to experience joy, love, and peace with family, friends, and nature.

Let's keep pushing and working together as a team to create safety and fun. We are not out of the woods, but we are in a better state. Let's stay connected with our colleagues and utilize each other as resources and share information to help elevate athlete and team safety. AOASM is thankful to many of our members who have been instrumental in the pandemic with white papers, state and national guidelines, and protecting our teams.
AOASM 2021 Virtual CME Conference
Call for AOA Research Proposals
The AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Research and Public Health (BORPH) is reopening the RFA on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Observational & Explorative Research Studies, addressing one of 14 research hypotheses designed to investigate the successful effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) on disease. These topics include:
OMT and Pain Management
  • OMT will reduce the length of days of headaches in migraine patients.
  • OMT will be effective at reducing facial pain and improves patient perceptions of care in facial sinus congestion.
  • OMT will be an effective technique to reduce pain and NSAID use in tension headache patients.
  • OMT will reduce the use of medications, especially opioids.

OMT and Surgical Outcomes
  • OMT will reduce post-operative shoulder surgery edema.
  • OMT will reduce chest discomfort after thoracotomy.
  • OMT will enhance the quicker return of normal bowel function post-operative.

OMT and Respiratory Issues
  • OMT will reduce the frequency of hospitalizations in patients with COPD and COPD exacerbations.
  • OMT will improve pulmonary function in patients with asthma.
  • OMT will decrease the respiratory symptoms of long-haul COVID patients.

 OMT and Pediatric Issues
  • OMT will reduce the number of hospital days for pediatric patients suffering from pneumonia.
  • OMT will improve feeding difficulties in newborns.

Other OMT Research Topics
  • OMT will enhance immunological response to vaccines.
  • OMT will reduce the incidence of falls in the frail elderly.

Funding Amount
  • Up to $20,000 maximum

Project Period
  • October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2023 (18 Months)

Applications Due Date:
  • Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Awards will be announced in September 2021. 

Please click here to review the RFA for further information.
Basketball Sports Medicine and Science
This book is designed as a comprehensive educational resource, not only for basketball medical caregivers and scientists, but for all basketball personnel. Written by a multidisciplinary team of leading experts in their fields, it provides information and guidance on injury prevention, injury management, and rehabilitation for physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation specialists, conditioning trainers, and coaches. All commonly encountered injuries and a variety of situations and scenarios specific to basketball are covered with the aid of more than 200 color photos and illustrations. Basketball Sports Medicine and Science is published in collaboration with ESSKA and will represent a superb, comprehensive, educational resource. It is further hoped that the book will serve as a link between the different disciplines and modalities involved in basketball care, creating a common language, and improving communication within the team staff and environment.

Contributions from the following AOASM members:
Jeffrey Bytomski 
  • Editor

Blake Boggess (with Jordan Rawlings)
  • Ethical and Medico-Legal Issues in Injury Management and Return to Sport in Basketball (Pages 957-965)

Benjamin Boswell (with Benjamin Oshlag)
  • Constructing a Medical Team: The Medical Needs of a Basketball Team (Pages 83-90)

Alex Diamond (with Andrew W. Kuhn)
  • The Young/Adolescent Basketball Player (Pages 847-864)

Jeff Kovan (with Chelsea Gonzalez)
  • The Role of the Team Physician in Basketball (Pages 121-123)

Mark Rogers (with Shan Fairbanks)
  • The Role of Pre-participation Assessment and Screening in Basketball (Pages 91-102)

Thomas Stocklin-Enright (with Nathan McMurray)
  • Head, Neck, and Face Injuries in Basketball (Pages 215-223)

Priscilla Tu (with Travis Nelson)
  • General Considerations in Basketball: Court Type, Shoes, and Protective Gear (Pages 957-996)

Order Information:
SAOASM Update and Upcoming Events
Hi Everyone,

I'm going to start by saying that we have a couple of crazy weeks coming up. 
We are extremely excited for the upcoming national AOASM Clinical Conference. It is a 3-day event jam-packed full of awesome speakers from April 30th-May 2nd. It is extremely affordable and we have some exciting networking opportunities for students who attend. We will be having a speed mentoring session, where you are able to meet with and talk to attending physicians who are currently working in sports medicine. There will also be a fellowship fair where students are welcome to come and speak with multiple sports medicine fellowship directors. I would love to see a great student turnout this year!
Additionally, Tuesday, May 4th at 8:00 pm ET, we will be having an informational meeting regarding chapter awards, the leadership positions, and upcoming election for leadership turnover to the 2021-2022 year. It will just be set up as a Zoom meeting so that we can all speak freely and ask as many questions as possible. All of the chapter leaders are more than welcome to attend if they have any interest in holding a leadership position for next year, or if they believe their chapter has had an exceptional year and want to apply for Chapter of the Year or Altruistic Chapter awards. I am also attaching the PowerPoint with the information that will be presented during the Zoom meeting so that you can come prepared with questions.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but are still interested in running for a leadership position, please reach out via email to studentaoasm@gmail.com and let us know which position you are interested in and we can provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. The same goes for Chapter Awards. 

Dan Brannen
If there is ever anything you would like to learn about or see happen through the SAOASM, please reach out to our Executive Board at studentAOASM@gmail.com

We love hearing from you and providing you with the best opportunities to learn and have fun in sports medicine!
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