What's New in March 2021!
In the March 2021 edition of Sidelines you will find the following content:
DOs in Action!
LECOM Sports Medicine provided coverage for the 2021 NCAA Women’s Frozen Four. Pictured are Dr. Patrick Leary, Director of Sports Medicine at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA and LECOM Sports Medicine Fellow Dr. Steven Barrientos.
2021 AOASM Annual Clinical Conference Is Virtual!
April 30-May 2, 2021

While we miss seeing AOASM friends and family in person, the Board of Directors realizes that is not yet safe to gather together. The 2021 Annual Clinical Conference will be held virtually April 30 through May 2. Join your colleagues and earn continuing medical education in an event where you can expand your content knowledge, enhance your clinical skills, and participate in organized virtual social events.
Membership Survey
Membership is the lifeblood of any organization. Without you, the members, there would be no AOASM. In saying that, the AOASM Membership Committee, with the approval of the AOASM Executive Board, would like to ask your participation in a brief (5-7 minute) survey regarding your membership with the AOASM. We understand your time is valuable, but we firmly believe your input into our organization is just as valuable. We sincerely appreciate your time and energy to help us make our organization better. The results of this survey will be gathered over the next few weeks and be shared with the organization at the virtual 2021 AOASM Clinical Conference.

All the best in health,
Dr. Jason Smith and the AOASM Membership Committee
Basketball Sports Medicine and Science
This book is designed as a comprehensive educational resource, not only for basketball medical caregivers and scientists, but for all basketball personnel. Written by a multidisciplinary team of leading experts in their fields, it provides information and guidance on injury prevention, injury management, and rehabilitation for physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation specialists, conditioning trainers, and coaches. All commonly encountered injuries and a variety of situations and scenarios specific to basketball are covered with the aid of more than 200 color photos and illustrations. Basketball Sports Medicine and Science is published in collaboration with ESSKA and will represent a superb, comprehensive, educational resource. It is further hoped that the book will serve as a link between the different disciplines and modalities involved in basketball care, creating a common language, and improving communication within the team staff and environment.

Contributions from the following AOASM members:
Jeffrey Bytomski 
  • Editor

Blake Boggess (with Jordan Rawlings)
  • Ethical and Medico-Legal Issues in Injury Management and Return to Sport in Basketball (Pages 957-965)

Benjamin Boswell (with Benjamin Oshlag)
  • Constructing a Medical Team: The Medical Needs of a Basketball Team (Pages 83-90)

Alex Diamond (with Andrew W. Kuhn)
  • The Young/Adolescent Basketball Player (Pages 847-864)

Jeff Kovan (with Chelsea Gonzalez)
  • The Role of the Team Physician in Basketball (Pages 121-123)

Mark Rogers (with Shan Fairbanks)
  • The Role of Pre-participation Assessment and Screening in Basketball (Pages 91-102)

Thomas Stocklin-Enright (with Nathan McMurray)
  • Head, Neck, and Face Injuries in Basketball (Pages 215-223)

Priscilla Tu (with Travis Nelson)
  • General Considerations in Basketball: Court Type, Shoes, and Protective Gear (Pages 957-996)

Order Information:
SAOASM Update and Upcoming Events
Congratulations to all the fourth-year SAOASM members who matched into residency! We are sad to see you leave SAOASM but excited for you to become resident members of AOASM.

Thank you to everyone who has attended this year's SAOASM regional conferences. We have two more coming up in April.
  • The MidAtlantic Regional Conference will be April 10, 2021. (Exact time will be posted on our SAOASM Facebook page.) 
  • The Central Regional Conference will be on April 11, 2021, from 9:00 am-3:00 pm CDT.

We will continue to post updates for these conferences on our SAOASM Facebook page.

Also keep an eye out for information about upcoming officer elections, and chapter awards. More information to come on this next month.

Dan Brannen and Cara Conrad
If there is ever anything you would like to learn about or see happen through the SAOASM, please reach out to our Executive Board at studentAOASM@gmail.com

We love hearing from you and providing you with the best opportunities to learn and have fun in sports medicine!
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