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The City Of Santa Cruz has approved our Downtown Sidewalk Sale Permit dates to begin again July-November .

Sidewalk Sales are always the last weekend of the month (and usually includes Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend as well).

Here are the approved upcoming 2020 Sidewalk Sale dates:
July 24-26
August 28-30
September 4-7 (Labor Day Weekend)
September 25-27
October 23-25
November 27-29

Sidewalk Sale LOGISTICS:
  • All business owners who opt to participate must have a current Business Tax Certificate.
  • All financial transactions must take place within (inside) each place of business.
  • Permittee shall ensure that all displays or other items located on sidewalks do not prohibit pedestrian traffic, including ingress and egress from buildings.
  • Tables, clothing racks, and other large displays must be placed parallel to buildings in front of the business and cannot extend into sidewalk pathways that limit the path to less than three (3) feet.
  • Permittee shall ensure that displays or other items are not set up in any planted area or planter boxes.
  • Permittee shall ensure that displays or other items do not block Fire Department connections at any time.
  • Permittee shall ensure that displays are not set up on dates other than those listed for this permit.
  • There will not be any canopies, pop-ups, tents, stages, platforms, bleachers, or other type of structures at this event. A review or inspection by the City’s Building Department will not be required
  • Businesses must adhere to all Federal, State, and County laws and specific County Health regulations during the event
  • Permittee shall ensure that displays are not set up on dates other than those listed for this permit. Unless, a permit has been acquired through the City of Santa Cruz temporary outdoor expansion program.

For the complete Sidewalk Sale requirements Click Here

Let us know if you have any other questions.
Sonja Brunner - operations@downtownsantacruz.com
Downtown Ambassadors
We are slowly phasing back in the friendly faces of the Downtown Ambassador program. Kirsten and Alina will be the two Ambassadors working Wednesday-Sunday 11am-7pm until further notice.

For hospitality and information you can call or text the Downtown Ambassadors: 831-430-6311

For anyone needing outreach services (mental health and homeless resources) you can call the Downtown Outreach Workers, Kris Younggren: 831-818-0166 or Meredith Flores: 831-713-3088

For any issues of crime or violent and aggressive behaviors, you can call the dispatch center for a Ranger or Police Officer: 831-471-1131 or 911

Click here for more  DOWNTOWN RESOURCES
Some businesses have experienced customers entering their business without a face mask. Staff have been unsure of what to do after reminding the customer to wear a mask, and the customer claims that they are medically exempt from wearing a mask...

Both the Santa Cruz County Health and California Health Orders allow for face mask exemptions for those deemed medically exempt.

With the health & safety of staff and other customers in mind, it's a judgement call for the business to make to decide how to safely accommodate the customer without a mask, or flat out refuse service.

Please refer to Item #9 in the Santa Cruz County Health Order:


We are happy to work with you to discuss this issue and come up with creative solutions for your specific business.
Executive Director : Our Interim Executive Director, Abra Allan, is nearing the end of her contract on August 15, and will be moving on and out of Santa Cruz.

The job post for the Executive Director position has been posted nationwide. The Executive Director Search Committee has processed 150 applications, and have narrowed it down to 6 applicants scheduled for interviews. Stay tuned for updates!

Information Kiosk : We are hiring for a part-time position to work alongside Alan and Vnes at the Information Kiosk, once it reopens again. Job post HERE

Board Meetings : The Downtown Association Board of Directors meet every month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held via Zoom until further notice.
If you would like to attend a meeting, please email director@downtownsantacruz.com for the Zoom link.
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