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Record attendance @ Siemens 501F & 501G User Groups


Russ Snyder, plant manager, Cleco Power LLC the 501F chairman, and Steven Bates, plant manager, Wise County Power Co LLC, the 501G chairman, opened their respective annual meetings Monday morning by reporting a combined record attendance of 182 users. These important and highly interactive technical conferences continue through Thursday at the Saddlebrook Resort, about 35 miles north of Tampa. more


501G users discuss pertinent fleet issues


There were a dozen presentations by users during the G session Tuesday and that subject matter was expanded considerably through robust discussion among attendees and included:


  • Safety Procedures
  • Generator Inspection
  • Igniters
  • Rotor Lifts
  • Steam-turbine stop and control valve seats
  •                                                                               more


    Mitsubishi aggressively promotes 501F rotor upgrades


    The steering committees of both groups expended significant effort to ensure that the presentations would be technical in nature and not the sales pitch attendees would likely get in the exhibition hall. Not every presentation was worthy of an "A" grade, of course. But there were many of commercial value to users-such as the 501F rotor upgrades described by Scott Cloyd, director of gas turbine engineering for Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas in the first session. more

    Beyond the engine: PSM pursues exhaust-case solutions


    Many experienced 501F owner/operators have been following the development of PSM's product line for several years and they knew many of the things Manager of Airfoils Engineering Chris Williams spoke about during his presentation. But most were hearing about the company's move into exhaust-case solutions for the first time. more

    How to solve brush and brush holder problems


    Cutsforth Inc's Mike Biroschak conducted a short clinic on common brush and brush holder problems and how to deal with them. He closed out his presentation with a solution for bearing wear and tear caused by ineffective shaft grounding systems. 


    Donaldson Company

    Sulzer Turbo Services

    Allied Power Group

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