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This big university can be an intimidating place for many of the nearly 5,000 freshmen who arrive each fall. And for students who are the first in their families to attend college, or who come from backgrounds historically underrepresented in higher education, there's even more at stake. An L&S program rolls out the welcome mat to help them succeed.
Descartes, Spinoza, Newton, Galileo and other 17th-century minds get a comic-strip treatment in Heretics! The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy. Professor Steven Nadler and his illustrator son, Ben, teamed up to create a graphic novel about arguably the most interesting and important period in the history of Western philosophy. 
What caused a trillion-ton chunk of Antarctica's Larsen ice shelf to break off this summer, drifting into the sea? Is climate change to blame? Will the sea rise as a result? Matthew Lazzara, principal investigator at UW-Madison's Antarctic Meteorological Research Center, addresses these and other questions in a Wisconsin Public Radio interview. His answers might surprise you.
Strolling a farmers market is one of the joys of summer. But hidden within stalls of tomatoes, squash and corn is valuable data. A pair of UW-Madison researchers have been working with markets across the country to help collect information on vendors, shoppers and more, all to help markets grow and remain vibrant economic boosters in their communities.
Jim Lattis, director of UW-Madison's Space Place
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