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Loons are fierce defenders of their territories, often fighting to the death to protect nesting sites they return to year after year. Grad student Jeremy Spool made a surprising discovery about this behavior last summer.
L&S alum Charlie Berens delivers news from the Dairy State and beyond, in the thickest of Wisconsin accents, through his hit comedy series the Manitowoc Minute.
20,000 years ago, every adult human was lactose intolerant. Today, it's one-third of us. How our species continues to respond to "new" foods like cheese, wheat and alcohol says a lot about our evolution, anthropologist John Hawks tells Smithsonian magazine.
Caroline Gottschalk Druschke brings environmental concerns, from humans' relationships with rivers to natural resource management, to bear in her composition and rhetoric courses.
Communication Arts professor Jonathan Gray, in an Observer story about satire's place in news consumption, particularly among millennials.

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