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Thomas DuBois, a professor of German, Nordic and Slavic, researches the vibrant culture of the Sámi people, the indigenous population of Northern Europe. In a Wisconsin Public Television segment, DuBois talks about strategies Sámi developed for living in an arctic environment, including relying on reindeer for sustenance, transportation and companionship.
Computer Sciences alum Rachel Rose helps bring the epic space battles and iconic characters of Star Wars to life as an engineer at Industrial Light & Magic. How'd she go from young fan to one with the Force? A knack for tech and an appreciation for compelling stories have been keys on her path.
Since the Center for Healthy Minds released its Kindness Curriculum in August, more than 15,000 educators, parents and others have signed up for the program, which introduces children to stories, songs and exercises that foster emotional intelligence.
For 20 years, landscape ecologist Monica Turner has spoken about the resiliency of places like Yellowstone National Park following forest fires. But conditions that spark more intense and frequent fires may be the new norm, she says. "It's really launched a whole new direction in our work," she tells the Wisconsin State Journal.
Heather Wacha, postdoctoral fellow in Data Curation for Medieval Studies, on the " Library of Stains" project.

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