Sighthound Review goes digital!

The Summer issue of SIGHTHOUND REVIEW that's currently at the printer and will be mailed out later this week is the last one of this magazine to be printed. In the future SIGHTHOUND REVIEW will be published only digitally, starting with the Fall 2019 issue that should be available on the internet Sept. 15. 
We hope that you will continue to support the magazine with both subscriptions and advertising. The deadline for the Fall issue is the same as before: August 15.
We are grateful to those of you who have made the magazine a quality production in the past. We appreciate the many well-written articles and the advertisements that have been sent in by deadline.
The change will have some terrific advantages. For one thing, because there are no print or mailing costs we can charge a lot less for both subscriptions and advertising than in the past: see rates in the printed Summer issue of SIGHTHOUND REVIEW. Ads and articles also get out a lot faster, since digital publishing is instantaneous and reaches everywhere immediately. You no longer have to wait for the magazine to be mailed!
We will still be printing one magazine, however. If you are interested in Whippets you will love WHIPPET REVIEW, the new print publication that will allow us to focus on just one single breed. Although a single-breed magazine, it will have the look and the same format as the printed Sighthound Review. More information about the breed magazine will be mailed out to Whippet fanciers shortly. 
Meanwhile, we expect quite a run of the remaining print issues of SIGHTHOUND REVIEW, so hurry up and get some. For $25 you can get a copy of the current issue mailed anywhere in the U.S., and most back issues are available also. (See   and click BACK ISSUES!) We can even put three issues from 1916-1919 into one envelope and only charge $45 for the three magazines! (Mailing rates overseas by request.)
Looking forward to a future with SIGHTHOUND REVIEW in a digital format ... and with the printed WHIPPET REVIEW.
For the time being you can only contact the editor/publisher of both magazines, Bo Bengtson, via the "same old" email address as before, ... There will be a separate address for WHIPPET REVIEW later on!
Editor-in-Chief, Sighthound Review
P.O. Box 10
Ojai, CA 93024