Dear Colleagues,
NAO knows how vital the nonprofit sector is to our communities here in Oregon. We want to ensure that our voices are heard in Washington D.C. and that our important work is noticed and being considered in Federal policy decisions. 
We invite Oregon-based nonprofit organizations to sign onto a new letter to Senator Ron Wyden and others calling for the inclusion of nonprofit-specific improvements to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) in the budget reconciliation bill that the Senate Finance Committee he chairs is currently drafting. You can read the letter and sign on here.

Specifically, the letter asks for three things:

  • Allowing charitable nonprofits to access the ERTC during the Fourth Quarter of 2021 (the bipartisan infrastructure bill repeals this access for all employers); 

  • Extending nonprofit eligibility for the ERTC through 2022 to help ensure a strong economic recovery from the pandemic; and

  • Amending the definition of nonprofit “gross receipts” for the ERTC program to better reflect revenue available to support nonprofits amid the pandemic.

These improvements to the ERTC were referenced generally in the Charitable Nonprofits Policy Priorities Letter that many of you signed last month. The new letter is needed to provide greater specificity now that the Senate Finance Committee is working to draft its sections of the reconciliation bill. 

Things are moving very quickly in DC, so we ask that your organization sign on by Close of Business (EST) on Tuesday, September 7. Thank you.