A Word from the Rabbi
Rabbi Paltiel

Is there a rational basis to accept that some 3,300 years ago, G-d revealed Himself to our ancestors at Sinai?

Why was Maimonides-a rationalist par excellence-so convinced of the historicity of this event?

And in what way is the Jewish claim of divine revelation any different from the many thousands of claims made by various other religious groups?

You are invited to join me this Sunday morning for Lesson 6 of the JLI course Judaism Decoded. You are welcome to attend, free of charge, this special lecture on this most important topic.

Lesson begins 10am promptly. Please come 15 minutes early to get your bagel and coffee and make yourself comfortable.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

Sign the Petition!

Sign Petition Protesting London Neo-Nazi March and Burning of the Talmud

On Saturday, July 4th, British neo-Nazis are planning to march in London's Golders Green, a heavily-populated Jewish neighborhood.

These neo-Nazis have announced their intention to burn the Talmud and other Jewish scriptures.

Join the Wiesenthal Center's petition to UK Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to take steps to bar these racist thugs from desecrating our holiest books and targeting this heavily Jewish area on the Sabbath.

The neo-Nazis' threat that they intend to burn the Talmud and other Jewish scriptures rekindles memories of such horrific acts by Nazi Germany and virulent medieval anti-Semites which inspired violence and genocide against Jews in Europe and could today inspire copycat acts around the world.

Click here to sign the protest to UK Prime Minister David Cameron now!

In the News

Rabbi Paltiel Receives his PWPD Shield in a special ceremony

Chabad's Rabbi Shalom Paltiel has been appointed Chaplain of the Port Washington Police District. He is pictured with the chiefs and commissioners, being presented with his official shield. From left: Chief James Salerno, Deputy Chief Jeffrey Morris, Commissioner James Duncan, Rabbi Paltiel, Commissioner Angela Lawlor-Mullins, Commissioner Dave Franklin, Deputy Chief Robert Del Muro and Police District Attorney Rich Finkel.

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The Previous Rebbe
The Previous Rebbe

June 29-30, 2015

Birthday & Liberation | 12-13 Tammuz

Birthday of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880), and anniversary of his release from a capital sentence and imprisonment in Soviet Russia (1927).

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Calendar of Events

Jun 29

Camp Gan Israel

Gan Israel Day Camp 2015
Click here for more info and to register.

Question of the Week
Question of the week
Why the Big Picture of the Rebbe in Your Home?
By: Rabbi Aron Moss | Sydney, Australia

Question: Many thanks to you and your wife for Friday night dinner. We had a great time. I just had one question. I noticed you have a huge picture of your Rebbe, Rabbi Schneerson, on the wall. I don't mean to be rude, but is this type of reverence for a human being appropriate?


Shabbat Times
Candle Lighting Times for
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Friday, Jun 26
8:12 pm
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Shabbat, Jun 27
9:21 pm
Torah Portion: Chukat

Kiddush Calendar

This week's kiddush is generously sponsored by an anonymous donor. Come enjoy a delicious dairy luncheon (catered by Elite Pizza of Great Neck).

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Community News

Our condolences to Debbie Schiff on passing of her father,
Edward Mathews obm.
Shiva will take place at the Shciff home, 14 Cedar Lane, Sands Point, Sunday-Wednesday 2-4pm and 7-9pm


Ellis Rochelson 6/26
Jason Shurka 6/26
Sarah Tartell 6/26
Adam Shilian 6/27
Isaac Youssefia 6/30
Gabriella Sater 7/1
Maxie Marans 7/2

Happy 60th Russ Burman


Claire Gould, (Esther bas Yosef) 6/27/2015 | Tammuz 10, 5775
observed by

Alan & Linda Sandman and

George & Anita Baskin

Sam Beatus, (Schmuel Ben Elias) 6/29/2015 | Tammuz 12, 5775
observed by
Ronald & Lea Beatus

Sheldon Ehrenpreis,
(Chaim Shollom ben Harshel) 7/2/2015 | Tammuz 15, 5775
observed by
Robin & Michael Ehrenpreis

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Why is there a ritual way of slaughtering and preparing all kosher animals except for fish?
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"If you come again on behalf of your Jews, I will kill you!"
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Stanley Abramowitz frequently traveled to North Africa on behalf of the Joint Distribution Committee, where he found himself working side by side with Chabad. Impressed, he decided to meet the man behind the operation. (1950s)
Why Do People Die for Judaism?
When he was being led, manacled, out of his home, the final words he addressed to his children were, "Dear children, dedicate your lives for that which I am being arrested."
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Assisted-Living Seniors to Mix With Preschoolers at Innovative South Florida Residence
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At the Rebbe's Ohel: General and Personal Petitions for Blessing
Photo Gallery
Photos: At the Rebbe's Ohel Prior to Gimmel Tammuz
News Insight & Commentary
The Charleston Massacre and the End of Mass Murder
Human civilization-the sum total of civilized human behavior-is not keeping pace, and in some very important ways, even regressing.
The Jewish Calendar
Friday Tammuz 9 | June 26
Today in Jewish HistoryJerusalem Walls Breached (423 BCE)
Shabbat Tammuz 10 | June 27
Today in Jewish HistoryKing Zedekiah captured (423 BCE)
Laws and CustomsEthics: Chapter 5
Sunday Tammuz 11 | June 28
Today in Jewish HistoryPurim Tammuz (Algiers) (1774)
Monday Tammuz 12 | June 29
Today in Jewish HistoryR. Yosef Yitzchak Born (1880)
Today in Jewish HistoryLiberation of R. Yosef Yitzchak (1927)
Tuesday Tammuz 13 | June 30
Today in Jewish HistoryR. Yosef Yitzchak Freed (1927)
Daily Thought
The Ingenious Mudhole

There is an urge within us, at once both imbecilic and ingenious.

Imbecilic, because it will not look beyond its mud hole and move on.

Ingenious, because to defend its muddy fortress it will summon circumstance, DNA, unfit parents, incompetent teachers, society, evolution, creation, low self-esteem-a myriad of excuses to avoid making one step ahead.

Every excuse but the real one: Its instinctive obstinacy to remain in the mud hole it knows so well.

The Parshah In A Nutshell
Parshat Chukat

Moses is taught the laws of the red heifer, whose ashes purify a person who has been contaminated by contact with a dead body.

After forty years of journeying through the desert, the people of Israel arrive in the wilderness of Zin. Miriam dies, and the people thirst for water. G-d tells Moses to speak to a rock and command it to give water. Moses gets angry at the rebellious Israelites and strikes the stone. Water issues forth, but Moses is told by G-d that neither he nor Aaron will enter the Promised Land.

Aaron dies at Hor Hahar and is succeeded in the high priesthood by his son Elazar. Venomous snakes attack the Israelite camp after yet another eruption of discontent in which the people "speak against G-d and Moses"; G-d tells Moses to place a brass serpent upon a high pole, and all who will gaze heavenward will be healed. The people sing a song in honor of the miraculous well that provided them water in the desert.

Moses leads the people in battles against the Emorite kings Sichon and Og (who seek to prevent Israel's passage through their territory) and conquers their lands, which lie east of the Jordan.