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We understand that these are difficult times and how busy and complicated things are. It is for these reasons, more than ever that we want you to take a moment to reflect and get a better handle on your food costs.

You, our member, challenged us to find a way to save you even more money and our new partnership with Foodbuy Canada will do just that. Foodbuy is North America’s largest procurement services company using over $2B in Canadian purchasing power to leverage over 400 contracted suppliers giving our members access to over 35,000 rebatable SKUs. Foodbuy is the procurement sector of Compass Group and hold tremendous purchase volume that enables them to deliver unmatched cost savings.

Foodbuy is much more than a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Foodbuy will help realize savings and efficiencies by collecting purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors. All this with monthly rebates to help with your cash flow.

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So, you don't need to do anything other than give us your contact information so that we could start working on a complimentary market basket analysis for you. That's it! You don't need to change or commit to anything and let us run the numbers for you to see if Foodbuy Canada is the best fit for you

So.... take the first step and send us your contact information so we can get to work on a free market basket analysis for you. Then you carry on and we will present our findings to you.

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Together, Foodbuy and ORHMA will bring improved program coverage and savings to our members.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly, please call us at ORHMA at (905) 361-0268 / (800) 668-8906 or by email at

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