2019-2020 Parish Theme:
Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit
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It's hard to believe that we are about to flip the calendar to November! We are nearly a quarter of the way through the school year, and Holy Cross Academy is hopping with activities and events. This is a great time for us to welcome parents and guardians to campus for conferences.

Please click the appropriate link below to register for conferences on November 7th and 8th. We look forward to welcoming you and having meaningful conversations about your child's progress.

K-1: Mrs. Johnson has previously scheduled all her conferences

K-2: Mrs. Godek

1-1:  Mrs. Caiafa

1-2 :   Mrs. Peterson

2-1 :   Mrs. Cook

2-2 :   Mrs. Chaves

3-1 :   Mrs. Strickland

3-2 :   Mrs. Ellis

4-1 :   Mrs. Wiley

4-2 :   Ms. Szabo

5-1 :   Mrs. Lang

5-2 :   Mrs. Olsen

6-1 :   Mrs. Miller

6-2 :   Mrs. Appleton

7-1 :   Mrs. Lanzarone

8-1 :   Mrs. Rivera

8-2 :   Mrs. Kingsbury
Mission Statement

At Holy Cross Academy, we are guided by the spirit of Saint Francis de Sales as we dedicate ourselves to: 

  • Create an atmosphere of prayer and reliance on our heavenly Father;
  • Spread the message of Jesus in our families and our community by treating all persons with respect and showing reverence for the gift of God in each one;
  • Build up the Spirit-filled faith community within Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish;
  • Serve those in need in our local community and in the Missions through an awareness of our global responsibility to all humanity;
  • Develop the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically;
  • Promote academic excellence by challenging all our students to recognize their gifts and fulfill their God-given potential.

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