It's once again time to register for winter SYA sports! When you register your child, you will notice that SYA has a new registration system. We are excited to begin working with Demosphere who will now provide our database and registration services. To begin the registration please click here to set up your new SYA Family Account. From there, you can select a sport and register your child for the winter.

The following sports are offered during the winter season:

SYA Basketball provides the youth of Centreville, Clifton and nearby communities a healthy and safe basketball experience. SYA develops basketball skills and qualities essential to good citizenship; sportsmanship, leadership, team play, self-discipline and integrity. SYA Basketball is for boys and girls grades 1 through 12. Teams are formed in November and games begin in December. Games are played in Centreville/Clifton gyms on weekends. SYA always needs volunteers. Please volunteer to coach our youth. You can make a great impact with the children of our community.  Register now to avoid late fees that begin November 1 .   Click here  to check out our website for additional information.

The SYA youth wrestling program is growing: come join the movement! SYA wrestling is open to boys and girls between the ages of 5 and no older than 16 as of December 31, 2018. We provide fun, instructional, and competitive wrestling opportunities to foster a love for the sport and enable growth as a person and athlete. Our team-based approach ensures an appropriate practice and competition experience for all 75+ Matdogs, from newcomers to the sport up through highly competitive wrestlers. Wrestling is known to improve performance in other sports as well, developing core strength, conditioning, balance, and body control as well as self-confidence and perseverance. We're really excited about the season ahead and hope to see you on the mats in November!  Register early to avoid late fees that begin November 21 Click here  to check out the wrestling website for additional information.
To register for an SYA winter sport please click here .

FREE! SYA Spring Multisport Clinic
SYA announces our next much-anticipated multi-sport clinic. This FREE event is for boys & girls in grades K-6. Your child will spend 10-15 minutes with each sport, playing fun games in a variety of sports both indoors and outdoors, on courts, on padded mats, on the pitch, on the diamond and everywhere!

Date:  Sunday, November 11, 2018
Time:  3-5pm (2:30pm sign-in at the main entrance)
Location: Bull Run Elementary School
Open to: Boys & Girls, Aged 6-12
SYA features the following sports. You will be surprised which one(s) your kids enjoy:
• Baseball (T-Ball, Little League & Babe Ruth)
• Basketball
• Cheerleading
• Field Hockey
• Football (Flag & Tackle)
• Lacrosse
• Rugby (Tag & Tackle)
• Soccer
• Softball
• Track & Field
• Volleyball
• Wrestling
Different sports, different interests, different times of year....find one that fits you! Dress in athletic clothing, comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle. Clinic registration is free; sign up online here.
Sport Spotlight:
SYA Basketball

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports. There are a lot of health benefits: burning calories, building endurance, improving balance and coordination. There are a lot of social benefits: making new friends, being part of a team, having fun. And there are many “life” benefits: understanding teamwork, developing patience, controlling emotions, building confidence. 

SYA Basketball offers winter and summer leagues for boys and girls grades 1-12. Practices and games are played in Centreville and Clifton area school gyms. 

Sign up today and find out why basketball is the world’s fastest growing sport. You can also sign up to be a volunteer coach. Pl ease click here to register a basketball player or volunteer.

Sport Spotlight:
SYA Matdog Wrestling Team

Registration is now open for the 2018-2019 SYA Matdog Wrestling team and there’s great anticipation for this Winter season. We love introducing new athletes to the sport and look forward to welcoming many new Matdogs in November!
For kids in grades 8 and below, our wrestling program seeks to: 
  • Provide fun, instructional, and competitive wrestling opportunities for kids of all skill levels. Wrestling provides a terrific sporting opportunity for every child. There's no bench and everyone, regardless of size, can fully participate and develop physical fitness, confidence, and important life lessons such as discipline, respect, and persistence.

  • Foster a love for the sport and provide technique and lessons learned to support continued growth as a person and athlete. Wrestling is a sport that requires and can teach many important lessons such as respect, self-confidence, self-control and persistence and is known to improve performance in other sports as well. Our wrestlers develop core strength, conditioning, balance, and body control.

  • Provide an appropriate experience for newcomers to the sport up through highly competitive wrestlers looking to take their performance to the next level. We organize our three teams and practice groups based upon age and skill level to ensure an appropriate intensity level and experience for newcomers to the sport up through highly competitive wrestlers. This ensures a fun, positive environment that allows each wrestler to compete, learn, progress, and train at the right pace. We love introducing new athletes to the sport and sharing what makes wrestling so great. SYA has also helped develop highly accomplished high school and collegiate wrestlers. As a team, we will be participating in multiple local tournaments and events as well as tournaments outside the Northern Virginia area. Our coaches will help guide parents to the right events for their child, again allowing each Matdog to compete at the right level to promote his/her development.

  • Promote a team concept.  Matdogs compete individually but there is great emphasis placed on the importance of teamwork and working together to accomplish goals. This team atmosphere leads to greater enjoyment and purpose.

Our committed and extremely knowledgeable coaches and teachers encourage our athletes through positive reinforcement, ultimately seeking to foster the love for the sport that developed within them during their childhood. The program has been growing in recent years with more than 70 Matdogs in 2017-2018.   Come join the movement and bring a friend!  We hope to see you in November.
For any questions about the upcoming season, don’t hesitate to email .  


SYA Sweeps Sully District Champions of Character Awards
Congratulations to Marshall Rich, Allison Bergstedt, Jun Bang and Margaret Carmichael!

The Fairfax County Champions of Character Awards program honors youth, coaches and parents for extraordinary service in pursuing victory with honor on and off the field of competition. Instituted by the Fairfax County Athletic Council, this program aims to support the ennobling tradition of amateur athletics in cultivating teamwork, leadership, good sportsmanship and community service.

Awards are presented to a male and female athlete, coach and parent in each supervisory district for having demonstrated extraordinary service in the athletic community while modeling the basic traits of good character: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Citizenship and Fairness. SYA nominees claimed all four Sully district awards.

Marshall Rich , Male Athlete Champion of Character, SYA Football
Marshall is the type of kid that every parent would want as their child. He is an extremely talented athlete but an even better kid! He is nice, polite, funny, thoughtful, and selfless. He is a pure joy to coach; he is a leader amongst his teammates, he hustles and leads by example at practices. He never complains about the amount of carries he gets, instead he is just as happy when he makes a great block for his teammate and they get a long run or score a touchdown.

Marshall is also a champion as he was an integral part of the SYA team that has won both an 80lb and 90lb American championship over the last two seasons. We could not have realized such success without Marshall’s outstanding talent and character!

Allison Bergstedt, Female Athlete Champion of Character, SYA Extreme Competitive Cheer
Allie is currently a sophomore at CVHS in Clifton, Virginia, is a member of the Varsity Cheer Team, and is a second-year member of SYA Extreme Thunder. She is a hardworking, conscientious young woman who is respected by her friends, her teammates, and all of her coaches. Allie is also a member of the National Charity League for which she volunteers countless hours of community service work for various organizations in the Northern Virginia area.

Allie is a respected member of our community who inspires cooperation and confidence in others. She maintains a positive attitude when facing difficult situations and she is not afraid to put in extra work to achieve her goals. Allie is without a doubt a Champion of Character!

Jun Bang, Coach Champion of Character, SYA Football
Coach Jun Bang has done a remarkable job of molding young boys into great young men. For over 12 years he has coached kids in tackle football and those kids have matriculated from youth football to high school and college. The boys under his tutelage are positive members of the community and a big part of this is owed to coach Bang as he instills hard work, sacrifice, value of teamwork, and integrity into his kids.

Coach Bang does not have a child in the SYA program, yet he dedicates his time because he loves the kids, the community, and the sport, Whether it’s a kid that needs a ride home or a new pair of cleats, Coach Bang ensures they have what they need to be successful. And for that, Coach Jun Bang is an awesome Champion of Character.

Margaret Carmichael, Parent Volunteer Champion of Character, SYA Extreme Competitive Cheer 
Maggie is one of the most generous and helpful individuals that (the nominator) knows. She has been a Board Member for SYA Cheer and SYA Competition Cheer for seven years as Fundraising Commissioner. Maggie is the first to volunteer her time to work at community events with SYA, to help raise money for our program, and to help anyone in the program who is in need.

Maggie began coaching our youngest team last season and has excelled as a coach. Maggie is also a member of the National Charity League for which she volunteers countless hours of community service work for various organizations in the Northern Virginia area. Additionally, Maggie is a respected member of our community and of our organization. She is there for everyone, no matter what the situation. She is the perfect example of someone that exemplifies respect, caring, trustworthiness, citizenship, and fairness. An awesome Champion of Character!

C hampions of Character Awards

Pictured from left to right: Sharon Bulova, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman; Kathy Smith, Sully District Supervisor; Chris Leonard, Neighborhood and Community Services Director; Award winners: Maggie Charmichael, Parent; Jun Bang, Coach; Marshall Rich, Male Athlete; Allison Bergstedt, Female Athlete; Gary Flather, SYA President/Sully District Athletic Council Member; Ryan McElveen, Fairfax County School Board, Member at Large
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Registration for SYA spring sports will be opening soon! Spring sports include:  Babe Ruth Baseball, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Little League Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Track & Field and Volleyball.  Additional information on the sports will be available soon on the sport specific website at
SYA Volleyball 2019 Winter Clinics
Registration for winter clinics opens on November 1st, 2018. The tentative dates are:

Tuesdays: January 8, 15, 22, 29; February 5, 12.
Time: 6:30-8PM
Location: Liberty MS
Cost is TBD, but a discount will be applied for multiple sessions.

Each clinic is limited to 20 registered players to keep a low player/coach ratio. Coaches are experienced, active players that have played at the collegiate and/or USAV national competition levels.

Beginner/Novice Clinic – is for boys and girls in 4th-8th grade with less than four seasons of experience.

Intermediate/Advanced Clinic – is for boys and girls in 6th–12th grade with four
or more seasons of house volleyball or advanced team experience. Players should be working on an overhand serve.

Please visit us for more information at

Concussion Training Updates

T here are some new updates to the mandatory SYA Concussion training that we would like to share with all of our participants. For the safety of our players it has been a mandatory condition of participation in SYA activities for ALL coaches, players (5 years of age and older) and at least one parent to complete the online concussion training education through the INOVA Sports Medicine Concussion Program. With our new registration system, this training has gotten easier in that the training link is now provided in the registration. Parents and Coaches can now just use the link during registration. A separate window will open and the user should select the video (Parent, Player or Coach) that they wish to view. Once this is completed, parents and coaches will be asked to acknowledge that they have completed this training by checking a box. In addition, by clicking the link, you will find valuable information from INOVA including a Concussion Hotline and Appointment Number, as well as information on Concussion education, baseline testing and Concussion management. Here is the link you can use to again review the videos and access this information: .

The Second-Goal Parent

PCA’s mission is to make high school and youth sports a Development Zone™ to develop Better Athletes, Better People. Parents have an especially important role to play as a Second-Goal Parent® who helps their child become a Triple-Impact Competitor® who makes self, teammates and the game better.

The Big Picture in Youth Sports
A Second-Goal Parent recognizes that there is a Little Picture and a Big Picture in youth sports. The Little Picture concerns things like whether the child is playing the right position, the team is winning, etc. The Big Picture, which often gets drowned out by the Little Pictures, is about what the child is learning from youth sports.

There are two broad goals in youth sports: striving to win and building character so kids develop into successful, contributing members of society. As important as winning may seem, Second-Goal Parents let coaches and athletes worry about the first goal of scoreboard results. Second-Goal Parents have a much more important role to play: ensuring their children take away from sports lessons that will help them be successful in life. That is the Big Picture.

Endless Procession of Teachable Moments
If you embrace your role as a Second-Goal Parent, it will transform the way you see youth sports. It will help you seize the endless procession of teachable moments that will come your way again and again when you are looking for them.

What might have seemed like a disappointing loss or a failure by your child becomes an opportunity to reinforce resiliency. A tough competition in forbiddingly hot, cold, or nasty weather can prompt a conversation with your child about learning to enjoy challenges. Whether your child succeeds or fails on the playing field, you will be able to use the experiences to reinforce the kind of person you want him or her to be.

A Second-Goal Parent focuses relentlessly on the Big Picture--helping their child take away the lessons that will help them be successful, contributing members of society. And, in the process, a Second Goal Parent is able to better enjoy their child's youth sports experience, which will end all too quickly.

For more resources, visit:
For more information on Positive Coaching Alliance, visit: