VOLUME 3 | May 20, 2020
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Have Questions? Find and reach out to your district Popcorn Kernel below.
·        Baden-Powell:  Dave Broadhead
·        Conestoga:  Joe Giannini
·        Constellation:  Amy Giletto
·        Continental:  Tana Ullman
·        General Nash:  Beverly Banks

·        Lafayette:  Tina Arobone
·        Minquas:  Erin Cummings
·        Northern:  Lonce Scott
·        Roosevelt:  Eric Ekobeni
·        Triune:  Davena Taylor
·        Washington:  Judanne Jenner
Online Training Webinars

Are you new to the Popcorn fundraiser and not sure where to go for some guidance? Not to worry! Trails End has online training webinars starting in June. Click here to sign up today .
Return Policy

  • No more than 20% of the unit’s total order may be returned (excluding units that sold $10,000+ in 2019). 
  • Returns will only be accepted in full cases. Cases may be opened, but items contained within must match and be in sellable condition.

Rock Gym Passes and Fish Fest

Rock Gym Passes have not been mailed out due to the Rock Gym being closed. Once it reopens passes will be mailed out to the youth who chose this reward.

Due to our council camp facilities closures, Fish Fest has been postponed. As of now the date is TBD based on guidance from the State and CDC. We will keep you informed of any updates in future Kernel Connections.
Cradle of Liberty Council | popcorn@colbsa.org | 610-688-6900 | colbsa.org/popcorn