Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln invites you to be part of

2018 Streets Alive!

Route Spots Filling Up!

      Reach Thousands in One Afternoon      
Streets Alive! is a great awareness opportunity! Our free outdoor movement festival, one of Lincoln's premier events, is Sunday, September 23, from 1 - 4:30PM. Over 80 exhibitors, entertainers, food and produce vendors, and fitness demonstrators have already signed up!
This unique  celebration reaches 4,000 - 6,000 adults, children, and families with positive messages about active living, good nutrition, health and support resources, and community engagement.  Streets Alive! is closed to traffic along a nearly two mile route lined with exhibitors and entertainers.  It is family, kid, pet, and wheelchair friendly.   
What's New 
New Park Shelter - This year at Streets Alive! we will unveil the Streets Alive! Community Development Project, an outdoor living and learning center in Belmont Park. Lincoln's Mayor will officiate at a ribbon cutting ceremony, scheduled for the 1 PM kickoff, bringing additional excitement and attention to Streets Alive! Learn about the project and meet our sponsors.
Fun Run/Dog Walk - Before Streets Alive! kicks off, kids, families, and dogs will be racing the Streets Alive! route, beginning and ending at the new park shelter between 12:30 - 1 PM.  We expect about 100 runners and walkers - many of which will stay for Streets Alive! providing an opportunity for your organization to reach more people.  Learn more about the Fun Run.
  Streets Alive! is a great outreach opportunity to promote the mission of your organization and make our community healthier by providing needed information and resources.  Several exhibitors new to Streets Alive! have signed up, bringing more visitors to the festival.  Want a great way to bring festival-goers to you?  Make your display interactive - engage people to help them remember your mission or the health, support, or educational resources you are providing.  Promote yourself on social media and bring even more people to you.  No booth fees - set up help if needed, with parking reserved for exhibitors.  We provide the tables.
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Join-in Fitness Classes, Sports Demonstrations     
 Do you teach Zumba, Karate, Pickleball, Tai Chi, Jazzercise, or any other type of fitness or sport activity?  Then come show your moves at Streets Alive! 
Here's your chance to reach thousands of people about the benefits of fitness in one afternoon. If you'd like to show your moves along the route or on a fitness stage, sign up online  here or by email.  You can also have a table with information about your organization.  There is no cost to you!

Dancers, Clowns, Puppeteers, Magic Acts ... 
Whether you pull rabbits out of a hat or make balloon animals, have a dance troupe (polka to hip hop, classical to square dancing, it's all good), a drill team, or a marching band - any kind of  wholesome, family friendly entertainment is welcomeYou can entertain anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 
Music - New This Year
Lincoln Calling, the 5 day (Sept. 17-22) music and arts festival featuring national, regional, and local original emerging artists, is spilling over into Streets Alive!  Some of Lincoln Calling's musicians and bands will also entertain at Streets Alive!, bringing their fans with them.  Bring your fans with you and show your musical talents at Streets Alive!                                           


Streets Alive! is great fun for volunteers! Sign-up on your own or bond as a group with friends, family, co-workers, or church members.  Whether you'd like to sign up for an hour or for the day, you'll have a great time. All event volunteers will receive a free t-shirt to wear the day of the event. 

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                    Food Court   

                  High Visibility Location


If you'd like to bring your produce and participate in the farmer's market, 

you have a food truck that offers healthy food and beverage options, or you'd like or set up a healthy drink station,  we'd love to have you!    Email us for more information or sign up now.   Visit our FAQs for additional details.


Thanks to Our Sponsors

Gold Level  - KLKN TV
Bronze Level - Great Plains Trails Network,  Lancaster County Medical Society, Lincoln Lancaster County Health Dept., LNKTV Health, NeighborWorks, Union Bank and Trust.
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of our community.
We work to improve wellness policies, conduct community level research and evaluate the success of local health initiatives.  We collaborate with other organizations on joint projects to improve health by increasing physical fitness, decreasing obesity, promoting good nutrition, supporting breastfeeding, and improving vaccination and cancer screening rates.
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