Dear Shir Tikvah,

As we prepare to gather together for the High Holy Days (in person and by streaming media), we have chosen practices that align with Shir Tikvah’s values of pikuach nefesh (protecting life), kavod habriyut (protecting our health), and tzorchei tzibur (the needs of the community). We discussed these principles, and our resulting guidelines for gathering, in our letter to you here. It is with these principles in mind that we offer all High Holy Day services via livestream, many opportunities to gather in person outside without registration, and eight opportunities for limited-seating in-person worship at St Joan of Arc.

While we recognize that this is different than in years past, it is a thoughtful way to bridge what we did before the pandemic, what we had to do during the pandemic, and what we need to do to get to where we ultimately want to be – all together in one space.
Please keep in mind that all High Holy Day services will be livestreamed, so that anyone who wants to partake virtually will be able to do so. If you are planning on livestreaming, there will be no need to pre-register, as services will again be streamed on the homepage of our High Holy Day website

If you would like to attend a service in-person at St Joan of Arc, we ask that you complete this linked form no later than Sunday, July 25.  

Everyone attending must agree to our Brit L'Kinus - Shir Tikvah Community Covenant for In-Person Gathering, which requires masks, and vaccinations for all who are eligible. You will be asked to affirm your covenantal commitment on the form. You can find more information on our gathering values, policy, and guidelines here.  

On the form you will be asked to rank your top four different service preferences. This form does not guarantee spots at a specific event, but rather shares preferences to help Shir Tikvah’s staff plan and schedule. Shir Tikvah will then provide an official invitation to one service via email by the second week in August. Please submit only one form for your household.

Due to the limited capacity for each service, priority will be given to member households, but our hope is to find space for guests of members and all others who want to join in-person, as is the Shir Tikvah way. Those who have had an immediate loss within the past year will be given preference for Yizkor.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we work our hardest to accommodate in-person requests to the best of our abilities, while holding to our principles and guidelines. We are proud to also be welcoming everyone and anyone to all Shir Tikvah High Holy Day services via livestream.
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