SIGN WITH ROBERT - Sign Language and Deaf Culture Educational Series
Coming Fall 2015

May 2015
Welcome to our series
We are so excited to announce our new Educational Sign Language and Deaf Culture Series SIGN WITH ROBERT that is coming Fall 2015!

Here is our announcement trailer:

Sign With Robert - ASL and Deaf Culture Series Trailer
Sign With Robert - ASL and Deaf Culture Series Trailer

30 episodes, 150 chapters and lots of different ways to view the series. We will be making our distribution announcement in July, with pre-sales happening in August. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

Episodes include lessons on business, science, Deaf history, animals, transportation and many more! The series is geared towards sign language students, interpreters, parents of Deaf children and anyone who wants to learn sign language and more about Deaf Culture. Feel free to send a clip request for us to show in our next newsletter.

This series came about after touring as a director with SEE WHAT I'M SAYING: THE DEAF ENTERTAINERS DOCUMENTARY for over four years, and receiving many requests for a sign language series. Lead actor Robert DeMayo is a gifted teacher, with a unique ability to make learning fun.

We've been hard at work for the past 5 months editing and translating Robert's beautiful ASL with a team of ASL Masters. We'll be sharing our progress along the way, and give you a sneak peak into some of our favorite clips.

Here's our first sneak look at one of my favorite lessons.

Episode 21 - Colors Teaser
Episode 21 - Colors - Sneak Preview Clip
This episode will teach signs for colors, shapes and sizes.

Robert had a bit of fun with this episode, and I couldn't wait to share a bit of the fun with you. Enjoy!
Myths Episode - Deaf Equality - Sneak Preview (no audio, open captions)
Myths Episode - Deaf Equality - Sneak Preview (no audio, open captions)
Deaf Culture - Myths, Do's and Don'ts Episode

Language has regional differences, and Robert DeMayo provides an insightful lesson on cultural sensitivity in this episode about Deaf Culture.

We hope this series sparks conversations as it provides learning tools. We want your feedback, so please hit "reply" and send us a message.

Oh - and we plan on adding voice over for the Deaf Culture clips, but if you prefer it with no audio, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Our research has shown that Deaf teachers prefer no audio, to simulate their teaching environment, and hearing teachers prefer audio so students can acquire the information while watching the signing.

As an early newsletter subscriber, you can help influence the series by giving your feedback. Simply hit "reply" to this newsletter.

More to come this summer. Thank you so much for following our journey!

Hilari Scarl

Worldplay, Inc.
Director/Producer Hilari Scarl
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