The Recall will Cost $500,000! We Call That the Bunny Tax
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 for a Recall! 
That's the
Bunny Tax

NOW We Know

The financial reports are out. The people behind the recall are as expected. The financial reports verify that it is the same people that we beat in 2014 and 2016.

The People Behind the Recall

Former councilman Keith Curry, former council candidate (Mulligan) Mike Toerge (that I defeated in 2014), f ormer councilman Tony Petros, f ormer councilman Rush Hill, former council candidate Fred Ameri, f ormer councilman Mike Henn, and others like Mulligan Mike Supporters Paul Blank (that criticized my support of Traditional Marriage), Sharon Wohl, and Hugh Logan.

Big Government Activists

Then you have long time BIG GOVERNMENT ACTIVISTS Nancy Skinner and her more radical daughter Susan Skinner. Both Skinners are serial litigants against taxpayers.

Why is it Called the BUNNY TAX?

Since one of the most egregious examples of over spending that the previous council had perpetrated was the $226K bunnies (almost $500k when you include financing costs). We thought it was appropriate to call the $500k recall the BUNNY TAX!

Sign the STOP the BUNNY TAX Petition

Now if you have signed the Recall Petition and want to "take it back" in other words you have changed your mind. You can sign the STOP the BUNNY TAX Petition and Mail it in. Download it here and mail it in today (scans and copies will not be accepted by the city clerk and we cannot turn it in after the recallers have submitted their petition).

See you November 2018

Thanks for all your support. I look forward to stating my case before the voters in November 2018!

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