February 22, 2019
Sign the Petition - Battery Storage Install!
Brothers & Sisters,

We need your help right away to get as many people as possible to sign a petition requiring state certified general electricians to install all battery energy storage.
Our industry has been in a long debate with the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB) over the proper license needed to install battery energy storage systems. Lack of clear regulations has allowed C-46 solar contractor licensees to install battery energy storage systems when paired with a solar photovoltaic system. This has occurred even though battery energy storage systems are separate electrical systems and the C-46 solar contractors – and especially their workers - do not have the electrical training or expertise required to protect workers, first responders, or the general public.
If you are not all-together familiar with this issue and would like to understand it better, please review the attached Fact Sheet, and/or see our video: www.safeenergystorage.com )
Our goal is to convince the CSLB to provide regulatory clarity that this work shall only be performed by specialty contractors that hold a valid C-10 electrical contractors license, and only by state certified general electricians.

1.    Specifically, we are requesting that every IBEW member go to our website: www.SafeEnergyStorage.com , scroll down to the bottom of the page, and sign the petition based on the letter which is attached for your review.

Please note that the solar C-46 contractors have told the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB) that that our opposition to low and unskilled C-46 solar company labor installing energy storage was just a “union grab”. We know that is nonsense because our first priority is the safety of workers, first responders, and the public. Furthermore, the CSLB ruling will impact all C-10 contractors and electricians – not just union members. Therefore, when you sign, please do the following:

a)    Enter your personal email or company email (rather than an IBEW address)

b)    Under “Job Title / Affiliation” write any one of these:
  • citizen
  • resident
  • voter
  • community member
  • concerned citizen
  • California resident
  • or similar description
c)    In the “Office / Company” box, enter the name of the company you work for if applicable, or leave blank
d)    There is no need to upload an IBEW or NECA logo
2.    Ask Your Friends, Family, and Co-workers to Sign, Too: Ask them to sign our petition at the bottom of the website : www.safeenergystorage.com , and please also ask them to forward the petition signing request to other California based family members, friends, and colleagues. That viral multiplying power will be very helpful – we need big numbers!
3.    Tweet: If you have a twitter account, please visit our website : www.safeenergystorage.com and click TWEET NOW! It will go directly to the board.
4.    CSLB Meeting March 21 st in San Diego: The CSLB has indicated that they will vote at this meeting. Please reserve March 21 on your calendar in case we need you, and watch for upcoming emails with confirming information.
Thank you,
Business Manager IBEW Local 11